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Ok, I read the book and loved it. Saw the teaser trailer and it got my juices flowing and now I just saw the actual trailer and had to wipe the droll off of my shirt. It looks so good. Anyone else want to see it?
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I heard that a sequel was coming out, but I haven't seen any trailers or read the book...I gotta admit, I'm really interested in seeing the movie, but I don't really have all that high expectations for it! I mean, seriously, do you think that the sequel can get even close to the original masterpiece, even though it has Anthony Hopkins in it??

Although, it might be worth it if it shows him having his friend for dinner

Do you guys remember what Anthony Hopkins said a few years ago? He said he was fed up of being an actor and he was sorry he lost all those years of his life...I can't say it was his actual words but it's what I read at a few places about him. Guess he had a bad day when he had an interview and he answered the first thing that came up on his mind.

As for Hannibal I can't wait to see it!

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In Soviet America, you sue MPAA!
Oh I know the sequel will live up to it. It was a great book. I've read both books, and I'd have to say that Hannibal was slightly Better than Silence of the Lambs. And since the end of the movie was changed from the end of the book, it will be new to everyone.

If you still have your doubts check out the preview at

I saw a nice crisp, clear, Quicktime version of the trailer at http://www.Movies.com - looks cool. I've only, however, seen bits and pieces of the original.

Hopkins is the man, either way.

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Didn't see it.
The only thing that concerns me is that it is being released February 9. Usually the good movies are released in the last few months of the year or during the summer, and only real stinkers are released in the beginning of the year. There are some exceptions, but not many. It helps with Oscars.

That said, I can't wait for it to come out.
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I'm looking forward to the sequel, but not to Julianne Moore. Even if the film wins every Oscar out there, I don't think they should have made it without Jodie Foster...just doesn't seem right.
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Well, I've only seen a little of the first, so I can't comment a whole lot on Foster. I will say that the author of the books said he was happy with Foster, and is happy with Moore - so it might not be a big deal.

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Well I just saw Hannibal. I've gotta say this movie is unbelievably good. This movie is a prime example of sequels being better than the originals. It is great. I think it might actually be better than the book. It is by far the best movie of this year, in my opinion. It is GREAT! The acting is great. Ridley Scott is a geinous. AS for the goryness of the movie, I personally found it to not be gory, or as gory as it was supposed to be, but many people were shocked and moved uncomfortably in their seats during many scenes(won't say which) Go see it now. It is amazingly good. It is a movie where you root for the bad guy. I give it a 10 out of 10. Best sequel ever made I think. I just loved.

Oh and a big huge major bonus!! WAR OF THE RATS IS A MOVIE!!! I saw the preview at the begining of the movie, the name has been changed to Enemy at the Gate.


Originally posted by OG-
This movie is a prime example of sequels being better than the originals.
Wouldn't Hannibal technically be the third film of the Hannibal Lecter Trilogy (Manhunter being the first)?

We didn't actually see all that much of Hannibal in Silence of the Lambs. He's only on screen for about 30 minutes.

I did read somewhere (in EW, I think) that there is talk of remaking Manhunter, hopefully with Anthony Hopkins playing Lecter again. I would assume it would depend on how well Hannibal does at the box office as to whether they'll try to capitalize on the success by remaking Manhunter (or Red Dragon, or whatever the book was called).

Actually Hopkins was offered something like $22 million to do a remake of the prequel of sorts, but he turned it down. There's no doubt as to the box office success of Hannibal though - It'll bring in $40 million this weekend easily, I think.

Oh, and he's on screen for about 20 minutes - or less than one-eighth of the film. His abscence is what makes his character so great.

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Originally posted by ryanpaige
Wouldn't Hannibal technically be the third film of the Hannibal Lecter Trilogy (Manhunter being the first)? [/b]
Yes, but is still a sequel. Has anyone else seen Hannibal yet? I want to know what you guys think.

I absolutely loved it. It was everything I expected and more. I can't get over how much I liked this movie. One of my new favorites.

As for success at the box office, the theater I go to was packed. It was the more crowded then when Phantom Menace came out. Hundreds of people waiting in line for tickets, I'm glad I got mine without hassle.

I went and saw Saving Silverman instead (my Dad picked the movie), so I haven't seen Hannibal yet. I actually probably won't go see it at all. I'll wait til it come on HBO or something.

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I saw it last night. Very good. The makeup/special effects were great.
****SPOILER****(I guess if you read the book not really, but whatever)

When the guy was stting there with the top of his head cut off, and his brain showing, that was awesome! I realize that biologially (I guess) there's no problem in doing that, as in it doesn't mess you up, but still...

And when the guy's bowels were hanging out after he got hanged, wow.

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i havent seen it yet... but am dying to...

My best friend is on a date tonight lol... and there is no way id see this one without him... hed kill me, as id kill him if he saw it tonight (hes not gonna, gonna see some chick flick to satisfy the lady)

Maybe tuesday night... thatll be good... not a ton of people out... i also hate crowded theaters, tho the AMC Stadium seating doesnt make that matter much.

Just saw it...



I'm severely dissapointed. Here are the things I need to say.

- After 10 years, I wanted it to be a "bigger deal" when they spoke on the phone again, or when they finally saw each other face to face - there should have been a feeling of awe between them - but there wasn't.

- Who's idea was it to show grusome things for 2 hours, and then have Ray Liotta crack some stupid jokes with his brain showing? It was GOOFY, and was totally out of place with the rest of the movie.

- The part with the girl at the end wasn't too bad - it was disturbing, but still clever in a sense.

- They didn't go into enough depth with all the characters - when Mason Verger was killed, it didn't matter, mostly do the way Hannibal just said "Oh and by the way...you can just say it was me...", etc - it felt like it was thrown in.

- The movie simply did not follow some essential rules. Now, movies can be original, but you don't build up scary scenes and then get the result over with quickly. You don't scare people and gross them out for the first 95% of the movie, and then act goofy in the end.

- I wish we'd have seen more sides to Hannibal. How? Well, they could have played up the fact that the first few times he EVER screwed up in these two movies were a result of his infatuation with Clarice - she is his one weakness, for the most part.

- The one scene that I truly enjoyed was the scene where the man with the silver bracelet was trying to get Hannibal's fingerprints - it was suspenseful and well done.

Overall, if you'd have taken away the goofy brain scene, it would have been a good movie, and a worthy sequel, but that ending, as of right now, has me very annoyed.