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Does anyone remember the movie Kiki's Delivery Service?


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So Kiki's delivery service has long been one of my favorite movies, and this Christmas my parents got me it on DVD! (i only had it on vhs). So I am wondering if anyone else shares my love for this movie?!

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is that the one with the girl with a flying bike, something like that? Amine? I believe my kids had that when they were younger.
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That movie is awesome. All of Ghibli's movies are though. So much thought goes into the world around them and the characters in them. A lot can be learned by looking at attention to detail there.

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This movie also got me into Spirited Away which is also an incredible movie

oh! thanks for sharing!


This is absolutely the most underrated Ghibli film. I don't understand why it's not up there with Howl's, Spirited Away and Mononoke. Perhaps it's because it doesn't have an epic mythology, rather a simple witchcraft-in-the-real-world focus like Harry Potter. Nevertheless, I found it to be an incredibly engaging Ghibli movie. The real question is, when are it, Spirited Away and Howl's coming out on Blu-ray??