The Godfather Trilogy


Paramount is almost done with the Godfather flicks for DVD. Apparently the long delay was because Coppola, De Niro, Pacino, and Brando have all been too busy to sit down for the commentaries that Coppola wants on the discs. Paramount is considering releasing the films without the commentary and then re-releasing them later as a special edition with all the coms done. Also, the Mario Puzo documentary has been completed and will either be added to one of the discs or put on a fourth supplement disc. If a fourth disc is added, look for it to include Academy Award footage, Hollywood interviews about the impact of the films on society, and a special documentary on the history of the mafia. These features were scrapped for the DVD release but may be added again for the bonus disc.
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Didn't see it.
I would wait for the commentaries. We'll definitely buy this trilogy when it comes out.
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Paramount has given a release date of Summer 2001 for the trilogy on DVD.