The bang bang club


Thank God IĎm an atheist.

Definitely interested in this one.

The story of four photographers who document the dying days of Apartheid in South Africa.

I was immediately transfixed by a fictional shot in the trailer ....

where a vulture patiently waits for a child to die from hunger ...

which turns out to be an actual photograph one of the men shot.

Aye, it's a very sad and very famous shot that won a Pulitzer Prize, I believe. I also recall reading (dunno if this is a potential spoiler, but I'll play it safe)...

WARNING: "Possible spoilers for The Bang Bang Club" spoilers below
...that the photographer was basically told that he'd risk terrible disease if he tried to intervene, but nevertheless regretted not going to pick up the child for the rest of his life, and eventually committed suicide."

Apparently the girl in the photo did eventually get up and walk away, but nobody knows what happened after. I certainly hope that's true.

Not a Ryan Phillippe fan (although I did like him in Gosford Park and The Way of the Gun) but I definitely want to see this. Hoping it's good.
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