The Bourne Identity

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This was a very great spy thriller. The best part was Doug Liman(Go, Swingers)'s directing, the story was a bit hard to follow at times.
Matt damon was great, he got really really buff for this part, and the action scenes kicked ass. Franka ptenta (run lola run) was alright.
If your in the mood for a spy thiller, this one's great. But i preferred Windtalkers over it.
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I seriously dug this flick. The car chase midway through the film was one of the best I've ever have the privelage of seeing, and the romance was never got in the way of the story, and it FELT REAL. It's amazing how a romantic angle can enhance a story when you finally see it done properly and realistically.

Highly recommended movie. Damon's character had more than a few truly slick moves.

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How could you prefer Windtalkers over anything with Matt Damon in it? Are you bats man??????
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not really, but you seem to forget that you havent seen them both Raz

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yeah, but if you hear it ususally from more then one reasonable source, you can probably chalk it up for being true. Atleast when it comes to movies being stupid.

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Originally posted by Raziel1
How could you prefer Windtalkers over anything with Matt Damon in it? Are you bats man??????
Well, other than the fact that mecurdius saw em both, I'd have to say that The Bourne Identity looked a lot better than Windtalkers.

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I was able to see a special showing of Bourne Identity and Matt Damon talked about how he prepared for the role. He trained for
4 or 5 months a taking a different martial art study.

yeah he was hella buff, and some of those action scenes, dude.
Did you like the movie?

I loved the movie. I thought is was better than Mission Impossible....

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Doug Liman's directing definitely made this movie stand out. All the action scenes were brilliantly cut and the one chase scene was awesome. He's come along way from Swingers and Go. Liman must still be in his early 30's too...pretty amazing. See this over Sum of All Fears anyday.