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2 Days in the valley


Has anyone seen it? And if so, is worth my while to see the rest of it? I only ask because last night after finishing this ridiculous paparazzi show I started watching 2 Days in the Valley. The first thing I saw was Charlize Theron's boobies, so I was intrigued

Should I go ahead and watch it again, is what I'm asking?

I saw this at least a little more than a decade ago. I remember very little of it, but I do remember it being somewhat entertaining. If i'm not mistaken, Teri Hatcher is in it too as well as Alec Baldwin. I think it might be worth watching but if it turns out to be rubbish, don't quote me on that

The sea was angry that day, my friends
The best moments are the quiet interactions between characters and their moments of despair; a few of the characters are definitely at turning points in their lives. Danny Aeillo puts in a nice comic turn as an over the hill wannabe mob guy. There's a good cat fight between Charlize Theron and Teri Thatcher. This is also Theron's first credited screen role which explains the boobs she was merely a starlet at that time. James Spader is the only out and out villain who kind of contrasts tonally with the other actors in the film.

It's an entertaining B movie, with four or five different story lines that intersect and reconnect. My only beef is Alec Baldwin wasn't recognized for his acting here, this is clearly one of the better roles of his career. ; )