The Grinch DVD


I got to see a preliminary copy of the Universal/Imagine DVD release of The Grinch this week. Look for a ton of special features that may be on a second supplement disc or as a double sided dual layer T2. The Grinch's director, Ron Howard, also did EDTV which will be a stepping-stone of sorts for Grinch. Look for about 30 minutes of deleted scenes, numerous outtakes, storyboards, and a possible Jim Carrey improv of his classic impersonations while in full Grinch costume. The disc should be in DTS and anamorphic with cast/crew bios, a history of Dr. Seuss, behind-the-scenes featurettes, and commentaries. The Universal rep hinted at Easter Eggs, but didn't give specifics. A sing-along feature was also mentioned, but it may not end up on the final product. Of course everything I saw could change before release and a lot of stuff could be added too, but it was pretty sweet to see a pre-release version.
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That sounds pretty cool - doesn't surprise me in the least, either. I get the impression he "goofs off" during virtually every movie he's in.
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The outtakes are hysterical. The packaging that was proposed is unique too. Universal wants to do a pop-up book in Dr. Seuss style for the case and booklet. Looked cute, but it may not be the final product.