dog day afternoon


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hey im keags movie geek for life nice to meet u
i wanna kw if ne one kws y in the film dog day afternoon that Al Pacino shouts ANNEKA to the cops when he comes out ov the bank plz let us kw ;P its doin my head in x

im young n missed the seventys so i dunno wat it could mean :S

First: moved to Movie Questions. In the future, please take a moment to place new threads in the correct forum.

Second: It's "Attica," not "Anneka." And did you Google it? Because it's pretty easy to find. Anyway, It's a reference to a prison riot. It's sort of a rallying call against police abuse/excessive force.

Third: prepare for other members to absolutely savage you for how incredibly hard it is to read your post. And I can't say I blame them if they do. I can't imagine you save any meaningful amount of time typing "kw" instead of "know."

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Sorry for putting it in the wrong place but chill im not trying to annoy anybody thats just how i type and i never said i was trying to save time. I just like films and thought i would discuss summit with people like minded and yes i did google it but coz i thought it was "Anneka" nothing much came up so there :P

I'm perfectly chill, I just think it's goofy to type that way. It's hard to understand, and seeing as how the purpose is to communicate effectively, I'm not sure I see the point. I'm glad you want to discuss films, but just know that most people won't discuss them if it requires actual effort to read and understand what you say.

Re: Anneka. Well, you could have gone to the quotes page on IMDB, or Wikiquote, to see how it was spelled. Or put on subtitles. Also, he said it like, 50 times. But anyway, you have your answer.

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ur so passive agressive, peace

Kewl thread.

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ur so lzy. pce.

Seriously: there's nothing passive or aggressive about what I'm saying. I'm simply telling you that it's not a great idea to post gibberish and expect people to read it, and that you seemed to not put the slightest bit of effort into finding the answer you wanted. I think you realize both these things are true, which is why you'd apparently much rather speculate about my state of mind than reply seriously to it.

But, again: whatever. You have your answer.

I don't mean to offend Keagz by this, but couldn't she or he possibly be learning disabled and perhaps that is why Keagz writes like that?

I say this because I knew a guy who was and he would write these really hard to understand text messages, but he was still trying to get a point across.

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Well, the only excuse is that he's terribly young, in which case he probably shouldn't really be posting on a forum like this, or English isn't his first language... which would be fine if that's the case.

Regarding Dog Day Afternoon, I never much cared for it, but I know a lot of people like it a lot.
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Well, the only excuse is that he's terribly young
19 is terribly young?


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Makes sense. I'm typing more and more like that, and I'm only 18.