The Wizard of Oz(u)


I recently started reading David Bordwell's awesome compendium of everything Ozu called Ozu: The Poetics of Cinema. It's available for download HERE in its entirety! This is the first page of the introduction, and it basically shakes up all my childish preconceptions about Ozu right in the first line of the second paragraph.

I don't know. Might as well make an Ozu thread for me to double/triple/quadruple post about interesting sh*t I find in this book. It is quite a magnificent work; Bordwell is definitely an eminent force in film studies today.

Zzzzz??!! This is going to be my favorite thread on probably.

I wish I knew I could download the Bordwell book before I bought it for $50.

Paul Schrader's Transcendental Style in Film: Ozu, Bresson, Dreyer is another great reference point for Ozu analysis.
"I want a film I watch to express either the joy of making cinema or the anguish of making cinema" -Francois Truffaut