Despicable Me (2010)

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Ok, so sue me. Iím a sucker for cartoons, and this one hit on all cylinders. Itís funny, sad, heartwarming, and did I say funny? All the misadventures of a Spy vs. Spy episode, some great laughs for the adults in the audience, but plenty for the kids.

I saw this in 3D and it really worked for this movie (especially the fun in the closing credits). I saw it in a full theater with a mix of little kids and their parents. Itís funny to hear the adults laugh by themselves and then to hear the kids laugh all by themselves, but the best is when everybody laughs at the same time.

The voice actors were pretty good, although the weakest thing is the fake accent Steve Carell tries to pull off which doesnít quite cut it. I couldnít help thinking of Michael Scott of the Dunder-Mifflin Paper Company trying to act a fool, instead of believing it was Gru, but if you can get over this. But you are definitely going to enjoy yourself. I was glad I paid the extra for the 3D glasses. It was well worth it.

The movie reminds me a lot of Up! but of course itís not quite in that league, but it has similarities. (sweet kids, crotchety old man) . All in all Despicable Me made for a fine HOT Saturday Afternoon in the air conditioning of the theater. Great movie!
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Despicable Me

This movie is a collection of very funny gags correctly ordered into a coherent story. It satisfies and you will want to see it again. The number one supervillain is being outsmarted by a younger one and he wants to get back on top. So Gru adopt 3 orphan girls so he can gain access to his opponent's house to steal an essential tool for his next expoit.

But things go beyond what he expected and the girls start to change his life...

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The movie is awesome. I thought at first that it is another stupidly made cartoon but to my surprise it is NOT. I laugh and i cried on this movie.
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Saw this weeks ago, but didn't finish it quickly enough and didn't want to step on the Inception review, so it sat for a bit until today. My bad.

Despicable Me

The gags are incredibly dense in the film's first half, and many of them hearken back to classic cartoons. Security systems are impossibly elaborate, rockets are massively oversized, and explosions seem to cause no harm outside of temporary blackening the victim. Depiscable Me was clearly made by people who know their progenitors. ...READ MORE

I agree. Definitely for the kid in all of us.