How are your DVDs organized?


This is how a fraction of my DVDs are stored...

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Holds has two apartments; a large one for his movies and a smaller one for himself. Those photos remind me of my wife's library here at home, but it consists of books.
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Alphabetical order; though its just one DVD stand right now.
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Impressive, Holden. And yeah I was wondering why they're all in thin cases too, made me wonder if you were actually serious about organizing them by weight. But I organize mine a lot like you described on the last page. Though I have a lot less, of course.
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Why are all those dvds in really thin cases?
I think Holds said awhile back, if I'm remembering correctly, that he transfers them all to their own super-thin cases so he can more easily store and transport them.

I've seen his handiwork and it's quite impressive; custom labels and covers and all that. For awhile I just assumed he worked in a stationary store or something.

Yup, all my DVDs are in those thin cases. Doubled my shelf space. That photo is just one wall of my apartment. I have two more units like those three pictured, plus various smaller ones (if you notice the smaller case under the Night Moves poster, there are six of those - and others), and they also line the tops of bookcases. And then there are just a whole lot I don't have room for, and are stored in boxes. And that doesn't even count the LDs, which have two shelving units of their own.

Those cases in the pic, with the slim cases each one of those shelves holds about 90 DVDs. There are three cases in that photo, seven shelves each, plus all the ones lining the top. So that's over 2,000 just in that top picture alone.

I've only got about 2,500 DVD's, (not as big as Holden's), but my Criterions are sorted by number and my other DVD's are sorted by genre and name.
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Blu-Rays are first in line, A to Z. Then my regular DVD's A to Z.

When I was still living at home, my dad had a 3,000 disc changer complete with a binder that listed all of the movies. He had them sorted by genre, and each movie had a # assigned to it. You would punch the number into the remote and VOILA!
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By color. Seriously. I'm going to look at the lot of them more than the amount of time I'll spend searching for any one of them. I only own about 100, plus a couple of tv series, so it's not hard to find anything.
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My Blu-rays and my DVDs are separate from each other. I do not alphabetize them -- I agree with Holden Pike (as he said on the last page, I think) that alphabetizing movies is boring. I have my TV shows and big box sets all grouped together and then I sort of have, right now, rows of movies divided into things like - this group is stuff I really like and watch a lot. This group is stuff I like but I don't watch a lot, but it's still good. This group is stuff I either don't watch a lot, don't care much for or haven't got around to watching yet ('cause I have quite a few DVDs I need to watch still - Blus, too.)

Sometimes I have movies all grouped together by director or star (such as all Jake Gyllenhaal movies together, for a typical example.) All of my classic Warner Brothers DVDs are together - such as the older movies. Now, it's not a lot of them, but they're all together and it looks nice because Warner Brothers made nice looking DVDs.

I think that Holden's system with the thin cases is immaculate and, in my opinion, a brave thing to do -- very smart but personally, I'd be nervous about tossing out the original DVD cases, even though I have many that are crappy. If he tossed out the original paper that came with it -- that's even more bothersome to me... except maybe that godawful Troll 2 Blu-ray that I bought at Wal-Mart that came with a ripped paper insert that I didn't notice until I got at home (nothing wrong with the movie, though, it's wonderful.)

That must have taken forever getting all of those paper inserts printed out (is that what happened? That must have been a lot of ink, too) and transferring everything to that system. Seems very exhausting. I hope you rewarded yourself afterwards with pizza.


Steelbooks(DVDs and Blu-rays together)

Criterion Collection(DVDs and Blu-rays together)

Television box sets(both formats together)

Special packaging (slipcase, masks, foldouts etc)

The 'normal packaged' DVDs/Blu-rays are organised into genres: Horror, Queer Cinema, Science Fiction and so on - DVDs first, then the Blu-rays come after at the end of the collection shelf.

That's about it. Not in alphabetical order either.

Currently in three foot stacks against the far wall behind me, starting at the corner, mostly. A few smaller stacks under the TV in the entertainment center shelf. I try to keep them ordered according to genre and that's about it.
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I actually had quite a few added to my collection recently, around thirty-fifty that I haven't really looked over yet, much. They belonged to a family member who passed away. Quite a few older films, classics, war films, westerns, stuff like that.

h. pike--f*ck, as i casualy i put my arm around can i come over...

i got bored with the regular order, like alphabet, or year, or order in which i bought them, or director.

so my h and i started playing the 6 degrees of kevin bacon...and applied it to all movies, like:
chicago--fred casey, the dead guy

300--the d!ck guy who had that great line: and in she walked with her shabby self...
then the persain, who got kicked into the hole..

hulk--he is the generals guy...edward norton..

ilusionist...paul gamiti...

planet of the apes...

it goes on like that, of course some things dont fit until you buy the other movies to fill the gap.
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Mine are organized like this...A clockwork Orange, Social Network, Spirited Away and junk the rest.

I think that Drive and 50/50 will make the shelf by next year

Hmmm... Mine are not organized in the least. I have 2 shelves of movies and they're all just thrown in willy-nilly. But, thats just me. Organization... Not really my forte.
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