Blade 2 or E.T. or Sorority Boys


Blade 2 or E.T. or Sorority Boys
4 votes
Will Blade 2 bleed the box office dry?
5 votes
Will ET fly into top spot?
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Will those Sorority Boys make enough money to afford pants?
2 votes
Will Ice Age freeze time and remain on top?
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Tough one to decide this week again. I know which one I'd go and see, that's E.T., but there is a massive audience for Blade-style splatter. I found the original Blade a mess and this one, while getting better notices, will probably only appeal to the same demographic, teenage males. E.T. is for the kids and movie geeks. And Sorority Boys? Who is this for? Girls won't want to see good looking guys in drag and there's no way most guys will go see a movie with a Seventh Heaven actor in the lead. How big is the gay community in the States? We'll find out this week.

Ice-Age could very well take some of ET's purse and Resident Evil could damage Blade 2's success. And there may well be a rush to see Oscar nominees this weekend. But I'll go with...

1. E.T.
2. Ice Age
3. Blade 2
4. Showtime
5. Resident Evil
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Right now , Im seeing Blade II coming out on top. I see that having about an 11-12 million opening day , and finishing the weekend in the area of 32 million

I think E.T. won't perfom at SWRR levels. I'm seeing that making 5.5-6.5 opening day , and ending with about 22m for the weekend.

I have seen Countless commercials for Soririty Boys , and I thionk it will fare better then last spring's teen gross outs. Right now I'm seeing about 10 million for this one.

I'm seeing Ice Age having atleast a decent hold and placing second for the weekend with about 29 million.
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My predictions:

Blade II
$20-25 million at MOST. I'm expecting a gross around the lower end of that range. I don't think this one is gonna be such a huge hit.

Ice Age
First place, again. A 40% drop sounds reasonable, which would leave it with over $27 million, which I think will be enough to uproot Snipes' flick.

Not too much. This one is tough to call, but I know it won't make a huge splash...I'm surprised anyone thinks it's gonna take first, honestly.

Sorority Boys
I dunno. $7-10 million. Who cares?

Tough call this week.

1.) E.T. (27-30 Mil)
2.) Ice Age (22-26)
3.) Blade II (22-24)
4.) Sorority Boys (9)
5.) Showtime (7-8)

I changed it a little. Ok; I'm done editing this post now.
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Well, now it's looking like I may be dead-wrong about E.T.. I shouldn't be too surprised, though, when I end up looking a fool through my original off-the-cuff prediction. If it does do as well as some analysts are predicting, though...well, I'll still be somewhat shocked.

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sorority boys looks like so much turd. dumb movies need to fail.
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First day (roughly):

Blade II: over $11 million.
Ice Age: over $7 million.
E.T.: over $4 million.

And here I was worried about looking foolish when standing up to these other dudes predicting a massive $20-30 million opening for the E.T. re-release. Shameful. I am surprised at Snipes' massive opening, though. I think Ice Age will make up some of that ground, but it looks like it'll have to settle for second, surprisingly. Oh, and Sorority Boys grossed less than $2 million on Friday. Expect $6-5 million as its weekend gross.

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I voted ET to take first, but looks like that won't happen. Most people I've talked to said they aren't going to see ET. I think the only people seeing ET are the ones looking to see it on the big screen for once, people who have never seen it and have interest, and adults who wanna take their kids. Everyone else probably doesn't want to go to the theater when they can just pop in the video.

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Ho doggies...

Blade II whipped box office a*s this weekend...

Blade II: $33.1
Ice Age: $33.1
E.T.: $15.1

Tell me that isn't hilarious.
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Woot woot! Buncha nuts predicting E.T. would be top dog? Would you believe some "experts" had it making over $35 million? Anyway, I was close with Ice Age, I underestimated E.T. slightly (but I was closer than most prognosticators...what were they thinking?!), and I underestimated Blade II a bit, too. Ah well, I'm happy enough with that.

Naw, I'm not talkin' about you...but more and I dig the guy, cool site, and usually right. B-O-G ticks me off, though. I saw a guy from that site on Fox News...Fox News! The site looks like crap, and he's not THAT good, to be honest. He nailed Ice Age (but so did basically everyone) this weekend, but he thought it was gonna bring in like $18 million last weekend, when it actually grossed over $46 million.

This past weekend, he had E.T. making $27 finished with $15m. He had Blade II taking in $'s taken in over $33m. I just don't dig him. I'll stick with Lee; he's my man.