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Sixth Sense vs Unbreakable?


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Which did you prefer?

The Sixth Sense generally seems to be the preferred option, but I felt Unbreakable dealt with its underlying theme of identity in a more mature manner, and although the suprise ending felt a little forced, the movie's structure did not rely on it to the extent of The Sixth Sense.

Thoughts? Suggestions?
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I like them both.

They both deal with two different themes. Sixth Sense deals with death, Unbreakable deals with finding ones true self.
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I agree, to a degree (hehe), but overall I think the message is sort of the same. I think they're both harping on the message of finding meaning, and understanding yourself.

WARNING: "The Sixth Sense & Unbreakable" spoilers below
Remember: Cole was sad, like David Dunn, at first. BOTH of them were happy and at peace after discovering what it was they were supposed to do. Cole's sixth sense was a gift, and he found peace when he used it to help the ghosts. Dunn's gift was to be used to save people. I think the two are supposed to, to a degree, mirror each other.

I think the theme of finding meaning, your place, your purpose, etc, is gonna continue in Signs, and almost surely in the trilogy's third and final film, whatever it ends up being.

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Yes, that could very well be. I'm sure M. Night knew what he was doing, and now that I think about it, I'm sure all of his movies will deal with people finding their purpose.

Yeah, probably. Which I like -- that's a really interesting theme to deal with, I think, and broad enough that I think he can have very different characters, and very different stories involved in illustrating it. I dunno, though, he may just finish his trilogy and call it a day. He loves comic books, so I'll bet he'll try to springboard this stuff until he can helm something cool, ala Ang Lee and The Hulk.

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Well, I think that if you were to take a theme like finding your purpose and put it out there with a story with everyday people, nothing extraordinary, you wouldn't get as much of a a response.

What M. Night has done is very smart, take a normal theme, apply it to a supernatural, or surreal world and let it run. People are learning a message and they don't even know it...

Yeah. The man is cool, there's no doubt about that. When I see his movies, I'm truly forced to think of filmmaking as an art. Other movies don't do that for me.
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Hi Guys --

When you look at the two together, I think Bruce Willis did a more powerful acting job in Unbreakable. In 6th Sense, he was just a lost soul -- although that was the first time he had played a character like that, and it was exciting to see him expand his range. But in Unbreakable, it was a more 3 dimensional person. A limited person, but struggling to become more. So I liked UnB better.


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Have to agree with Jozie that Willis' character was a bit more developed in Unbreakable... but for some reason I still prefer the Sixth Sense, probably just b/c of the ending

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Both had unexpected, cool, endings. Sixth Sense just had an all around better feel to it. I liked the mood of the film. I remember watching it in the theater with a friend, and sinking down in my seat..I was a little scared. Unbreakable was just entertaining, at best. You shouldn't have to wait until the end of the movie to say," That was cool." It should be all good and then some, after the finale.

That's odd...I use the exact same logic...which is why I prefer Unbreakable. I loved both movies...but, without it's massive payoff, I think The Sixth Sense loses a lot of its "oomph." Unbreakable, to me, was much more spread out and engaging...and didn't "need" it's ending in the same way.

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The Sixth Sense didn't NEED its ending. I mean they even said they thought they were saying too much to the audience through the film about Willis' character. Yeah in the end, everything made sense, but they could've done it differently and it would've still worked the same...well I think...

Unbreakable was flat out awesome...the simple superhero movie that leaves you with a good feeling. The first time I saw it I was a little puzzled, but after watching it again, I enjoyed it.

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you two are buggin' me, man!

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I never really thought the ending of Unbreakable was that fantastic... I leaned over to my wife about midway through the film and told her how it would end... and to me, the text summary at the end just felt cheap... but I've been told I'm a little odd before

I thought the ending was great...but not great because it was surprising (it did surprise me, honestly). It was great because it fit. The text at the end, I think, was meant to remind us that this is essentially a comic book story. That's how comic books handle things, don't they? They sort of wrap up the rest quickly, after the big finale. What REALLY bugs me: people comparing it's ending to that of The Sixth Sense. They're not the same movie! If you judge it by it's ending alone, yeah, it's less impressive/amazing/clever...but you don't judge movies based on their endings, you judge them on the whole.

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That's all Unbreakable was a comic book movie, so it needed a comic book ending. They could've used a small box in the corner that said simply The End.

I mean the text at the end, yeah the first time you see it you might feel shortchanged, but after you see it a couple of times you really don't mind how it all ends..

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I honestly haven't watched the movie since it was in the theater... next time I'm out I'll pick it up and give it another try... I don't remember thinking of it as a comic book movie (doh!), but now that you've brought it up, the ending does seem a bit more appropriate.

I would never compare two films solely on the ending... but if two films are approximately equal and one has an unbelievable ending it will probably get the nod

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