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XXX - A New Breed of Secret Agent


Anyone else looking forward to this flick? It stars Vin Diesel and Samuel L. Jackson. I think someone said of those movie "It ain't your father's spy movie." It sounded very interesting, but looks a little less interesting judging by the trailer...though it's just a 30-second (give or take a few seconds) teaser, really.

Anyway, theXXX teaser to be shown during the Super Bowl is online. Check it out:

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I read a brief little paragraph about this in last week's Entertainment Weekly on this summer's movies. It's starting to sounding like another Vin Diesel movie...
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Diesel isn't too bad. I think he's a decent actor, and he's obviously built like a brick wall. I think his voice is a little odd, though. Makes him sound less than intelligent, I think. Miriam should swoon over this flick...I think she's got a thing for Vin, based on what I remember.

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Vin is such a scrumptious boy ... I think it was Pitch Black that made me wanna just watch him walk around in a wifebeater for hours on end ... all sweaty and ... oh ... um. yeah ...

The cover of the XXX Poster looks like it's going straaaight to video ... i hope he knows better than to get too caught up in his own hype ... he'll send himself burning back down into orbit if he doesn't control the shooting of his star ...

lol, our posts overlapped, so I've added this paragraph - hell yeah i have a thing for vin!! woohooo!! he just sounds a bit nasal, is all, what else can you do with a honker like that and being NY bred? teehee. he's decent an actor, yes. he used to be a bouncer, too. heheh. he has a twin brother. oooh, let me stop ...

Well, regardless of how the poster looks (I dunno, it looks okay to me), the flick is definitely theater-worthy. It's got a flippin' Super Bowl spot lined up, and it's got Sam Jackson -- who makes ice look uncool. The trailer doesn't excite me much, but I'm still holding out hope.

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yeah, Sam Jackson kicks @ss, i'll agree with that. oh, i forgot to say, also about his voice - he did the voice for Iron Giant, and I didn't know about him existing at all when I watched that movie, and cried like a baby over the movie. so i guess he's got my goat.

I dunno what the deal is with Iron Giant. Everyone says it's great...the trailers, to me, make it look like the same ol' kid movie crap. Predictable and boring. What's the big deal with it?

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it is indeed predictable. most movies are. but NOT boring ... it is, surprisingly, extremely human, more so than a lot of animations these days. check it out if you haven't chris, c'mon ...

i just saw the trailer for this and uh ... it looks cheeeeeeesy. mainstream kaka.

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I loved Iron Giant. Very touching animation if you ask me.

Vin, however, is turning into a typical action movie actor. He's fallen in the hole and can't get out.

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First, the Iron Giant was a great movie. Very stylish and the humor was right on, my kind of stuff.

" Welcome to Cooooolsville."

" This dive is for professionals, own-laaaay."

Those were my favorite lines.

As for Vin, I think he's good material. Anyone see him in the Boiler Room? Very much different then the "Action Guy" movies, he's been doin' lately. He has potential, he just needs to go beyond the stereotype more often.

I love vin diesel!!! this movie will probably suck but i cant wait to see it.
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An extreme sports competitor, Xander Cage (Vin Diesel), is recruited by a government agent, Gibbons (Samuel L. Jackson) to infiltrate a Russian crime ring, Anarchy 99, led by a mysterious figure called Yorgi (Marton Csokas), which soon sends him through a series of adventures across Europe and elsewhere...
This could be 'a bit of alright' but im not sure about having Orbital and Rammstein in it!

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You need to search man....That search feature is your friend...

I just merged your thread in with the thread already started...No harm done..

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This is the worst Idea for a movie in a long damn time. Any time something says it's "not your father's...etc." that means bad. I totally hate that cliche.
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