The Mothman Prophecies


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Saw the trailer for this before The Majestic, looks kinda creepy, and the fact that it's based on true stories is kinda eerie. Here's the plot:

John Klein, a Washington newspaper reporter leaves his job after his wife dies to investigate strange reports, including psychic visions and sightings of winged creatures, in a small West Virginia town, that may be the signs of an alien invasion of Earth...
Stars, Richard Gere, Laura Linney

Anybody else heard things about this?
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this movie looks creepy as hell, not sure if i should see it, i mean i like to sleep. also its based on true events
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ok. if laura linney is in it, im definately in, she was awesome in You Can Count on Me , and i definately wouldnt mind seeing that chick from will and grace die or be in a coma or something
dont tell me that didnt make you smile
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done by the director of arlington road and i really liked that movie kinda creepy in its own way.

oh wait......i hate richard gere
this is a tough one
hmmmmm, can anyone say runaway bride?
that is kinda turning me off at this point, but the fact that its based on a true story is def cool
its a definate maybe

I ain't gettin' in no fryer!
True stories that are creepy tend to win me over. Gere does have his share of flops out there, but he has had one or two good movies.