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Skin to Win!!!


Can somebody please help me find the R-rated trailer for Not Another Teen Movie? I've looked all over the internet, and I guess it's been taken down. I heard there's a nude shot of the foreign exchange student and wanna check it out.

The only trailer I've seen is at:

Let me know if you can help...

C'mon...if that's what your after, do what most guys do and subscribe to Playboy. Otherwise, run a search on Google's far and away the best for just about any kind of search. If it's out there, you'll probably find it through them.

Finally found it, and I must say that Cerina Vincent is worth seeing. She is just as hot as Shannon Elizabeth, and the scene in the trailer shows Cerina sitting in the principal's office naked. There are a bunch of other silly scenes in the trailer as well, including a great kiss between an old lady and another chick. Must say this movie looks hilarious....