Fight Club is Gay?


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***********SPOILERS APLENTY**********

I'm not knocking homosexuality or anything but...

there are so many macho guys who pick Fight Club as their favourite movie that I think it's time they read the small print, the subtext of the movie.

Edward Norton gets jealous when Brad Pitt is shagging Helena Bonham Carter. Is it because he loves Carter? Definitely not at that stage.

Edward Norton creates Brad Pitt as his superpersonality. Why didn't he create a Kevin Spacey or a John Candy? Because he is gay.

Edward Norton goes to testicular cancer classes every week to hug Meat Loaf, not the dish, the man. Need I say more?

Edward Norton creates a fight club consisting of nothing but men who are not allowed wear any shirts, hmmmm? It's like the he-man woman hater's club in The Little Rascals only less innocent.

Edward Norton beats the holy hell out of Jared Leto because he is the only member of the group who can challenge his lover in the attractiveness stakes.

Oh and he has a dildo in his briefcase.

That is all.
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whatever...I so do not agree with you.

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hmmm.. good points, I thought you were bashing the film, I think he is a bisexual though, why else would he be F'ing Marla so much, and in the end they become a couple.

I don't think he's gay...I think you can find things like in lots of places if you really want to. Yesterday, for example, I *hilarious* list of quotes from Star Wars that sound was pretty funny. My favorite:

"Wedge, pull out, you're not doing any good back there!"

Yeah, people look waaay too much into stuff like that. That, Star Wars quote is friggin' hillarious!

I know, it works on so many levels...well, two levels, at least. Anyway, I can post the rest here if you want. Found them in a thread on cracked me up.

A few months ago I came across an article that reads something very amusing into Fight Club. Go to for the piece titled "I am Jack's Younger Self", written by a Galvin Chow. Clever stuff.

It's a bit long (eleven pages), but very well-thought out, very well-written, and quite funny. After I read it my immediate response was, 'Damn, now why didn't I think of that?!?'.
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TWT, could you post the link to that post? The one you posted was hilarious.

I don't think that Norton's character was gay. He was going to these groups because he needed some reassurance that his life wasn't the most screwed up.

So are you saying that if it was a girl in the role of Norton's character she would be gay if she made up a girl??? I mean just because he makes a guy up doesn't mean he's gay.

When he goes ballistic on Leto, he said he felt like destroying something beautiful. That could be taken as a gay line, but doesn't mean anything. He was jealous that Leto's character was becoming Pitt's more favorite person.

So just because it may seem gay, doesn't mean it is.
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I'm going to have to side with valbowski on this one. I don't think Norton is gay per se, but there are undeniable undertones in the movie. Here's some quotes:

"I'm wondering if another woman is really the answer we need." - Brad to Ed when Brad is in the bathtub.

"During the week we were Ozzie and Harriet..." - Ed in voiceover, as his character fixes Brad's bow tie. This is so gay.

Also, watch Ed's face when Brad ruffles Jared Leto's hair. Just look at the longing in his eyes.
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Tyler and the Narrator loved each other, maybe not necessarly in a gay way, but in a way that someone loves themself.

were u even watching the movie, u didnt get anything, but i do agree with what steve said, but i think u totally missed the whole meat loaf and that kind of stuff.
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So if you're not knocking homosexuality what are you knocking? The film tastes of macho guys? lol

By the way your conclusions read far more into the movie than is really there. Pitt is an alter ego, not a love interest. John Candy or Kevin Spacey certainly wouldn't be the wild, crazy, physically imposing character that Norton's mind would create to balance his fears and phobias. Not to mention John Candy is friggin dead and not exactly physically fit to be fighting.

You state he creates a Fight Club consisting of nothing but men with their shirts off. I'm sure they would have loved to have women with their shirts off but I think that would have defeated the purpose of Fight Club, no? LOL Fight Club was about male bonding and finding the true nature of themselves, not about a bunch of closet homosexuals out for fun in the basement. C'mon...

You know I will bet money that Bigvalbowski is the same person who started the "Is Tom Cruise Gay" thread. Some people are just all caught up in the sexualities of certain actors like Pitt and Cruise and they read into that junk any time one of their films comes out.

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I guess I just don't even want to entertain the idea that there is any gayness in this movie at all...because I thought the movie was sorta sexy.Well Brad Pitt anyway.His boldness and male-strut was so good,and then when you find out he was Ed all along,well...that made Ed sexier too.I don't know...I feel cheated out of Fight Club's sex appeal now.

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Originally posted by spdrcr
I guess I just lost all faith in those who believe that Fight Club is gay. It's crazy.
I don't think the whole film is one big homosexual orgy, but as I said earlier they aren't lovers but it may a be a love that someone has for themself. Ya know what I mean?

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Originally posted by TWTCommish
Don't bet money. They have different emails, and no identical IP addresses on file.

I did a search and lookie here. Unless there are random people using the same username then it looks awfully like the same person. Show me the MONEY!!!!!!

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bigvalbowski -- have you ever seen Chasing Amy??