Alabama abortion law


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(Jane is someone I consider to be a very thoughtful liberal. And if you're not following some thoughtful people you consistently disagree with, you really should.)

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My favorite part of this story is some Alabama state senators trying to introduce, from what I can tell, good faith mitigating amendments to this bill that at least offered better/cheaper prenatal care options. Of course they were shot down by the rabble who wanted to push this stunt forward as quickly as possible. This may lead to a landmark supreme court abortion case within the next few years but my prediction is that one of Alito or Roberts will go against the party line and become an online leftwing meme hero and rightwing meme villain. It will all be really stupid

I believein rights for abortion, but a stipulation would be a stringent process and profiling, much, much more intensive then say filing for chapter 7.

Put some manpower behind gun ownership and abortions with some real detective work like passionate insurance PI's and then have all the rights you want. It's a spiritual war, but one can't discount circumstance..or an unfortunate one I should the R word..or incurable disease...or chance of death by birth, etc.

I always like to go back to "flowers grow from shlt".

Let's say your life or health or finances didn't depend on it..but you just wanted to plaay and then pay for a quick hose job.

You're playing with fate, and the chance for a beautiful soul.

Some truly magnificent people have been the result of an unplanned pregnancy with sour parents and a horrible upbringing.

I guess this is my thought on the matter.

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Let's discuss movies instead Any good movies about the abortion issue? pro or con?

Didn't one big one just come out that got a lot of coverage in the news? I believe it was an anti-abortion movie. Don't remember what it was called, though.

Well even Kavanaugh has shown some swing after the case regarding Apple and their app developers

ashdoc, you're a white supermicist indian feller?

Hahaha, no shlt?
No I am not . But I find myself opposing liberals who want to push outside minorities into my own country---like Rohingyas from Burma for example .

I do find myself in the same position in my country as whites in their countries . Grown up in privileged background because of my upper caste , but being abused regularly by media and Bollywood for the same reason .

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This is one of those topics that really brings out the hypocrisy on both the left and the right. It is one thing I just cannot understand and one I usually refuse to debate unless it is with someone not immediately saying I have no right to an opinion because I am male or because I am a conservative (a very moderate one) . I am pro choice, but personally I do not think abortion is right in many cases. Thing is that is not my choice and I do not begrudge those that choose to have an abortion for whatever reason they want. BUT, I do have a right to an opinion on things as long as I do not shove that opinion down someone's throat. I have raised 3 daughters and they are all a blessing as are my sons. I care what they think and I have opinions and they have all come to me for advice about things that are certainly strictly a female concern. I cannot say I always gave the best advice and I cannot say they always listened, that is all fine, but they did have a father to talk too and to support them whatever they decided.

I guess I am saying men are not always the enemy and I am only saying that because there is so much male bashing going on recently. I understand why there is and I am not feeling sorry for myself and i am not even angry. I am just concerned that if we ignore the advice of someone based on gender alone we might miss out on something that could have helped us. I am not talking physical or medical things - I leave those to the specialists, I am talking sound advice, things that come from the heart and things that can reassure a friend or family member.

Now after saying all that I did want to talk about the bill mentioned here. It is obvious to me that it is just a stepping stone and a very slippery one at that in my mind. All it is doing is causing more of a divide in our country which is something we certainly do not need. I do see a case in the next 3 or 4 years making its way to the supreme court, I hope it is a balanced court at that time.

It just feels like scare tactics and I wish we could all use it as a catalyst to actually talk about it and search for some compromise instead of digging our heels in deeper where they are already sinking.
Why can't I kill God in me? Why does He live on in me in a humiliating way - despite my wanting to evict Him from my heart? Why is He, despite all, a mocking reality I can't be rid of?

The conversation in Missouri continues to devolve....

I find it difficult to be firm-footed on either extreme side of this issue. I don't think you can defend being pro-choice under all circumstances or pro-life under all circumstances. Interesting to see how this will transpire.