Hi all - I need your input again.


Ok. I've got a meeting next Friday in Chicago with execs from Warner Brothers, Columbia/TriStar and New Line, so I'm looking for info from you. Mainly what I need is:

Are you, as consumers, generally pleased with DVDs thus far?

Do you prefer Standard (Pan & Scan) or Letterbox/Widescreen DVDs?

What are some things that you would like to see changed? (Special features, packaging, special editions, etc.)

What titles are you wanting to see on DVD? (This can be any film even if it's not owned by the above companies. TV series included.)

Any other comments or suggestions?

I'll also be getting a look at the new Thelma and Louise Special Edition, Legend, Blade Runner Special Edition, Jerry Maguire Special Edition, and Rush Hour 2 Infinifilm. Woo-Hoo!

Let me hear what you want to say. As you know these companies, like Universal, are listening.

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Originally posted by Laurie L
Are you, as consumers, generally pleased with DVDs thus far?

Do you prefer Standard (Pan & Scan) or Letterbox/Widescreen DVDs?

What are some things that you would like to see changed? (Special features, packaging, special editions, etc.)

What titles are you wanting to see on DVD? (This can be any film even if it's not owned by the above companies. TV series included.)

Any other comments or suggestions?
1. Yes, I am. Seems like the creativity is falling off a little tho. I like the unexpected features I've never seen before that makes me say Wow! That's cool! Might be my imagination.

2. Letterbox! Waaa, I saw this coming. The unwashed masses like pan & scan better so we movie lovers are eventually gonna lose out on letterbox. Noooooo! Sniff sniff. Please keep letterbox as long as you can.

3. How's about including the uncut ultra violent version on the dvd and putting the password on the case somewhere. There could be a screen where people arrow over to some symbols and enter a passcode. If you get it correct you see the uncut version. Symbols are harder to remember and tell your friends about than letters. It might keep some kids out, not the ones with computers but some.

4. I want to sing with the people in Moulin Rouge! How 'bout a kareoke feature on musicals? Oh, and I want to be able to record dvds like the Iron Chef when it comes out on tv. Are there any cooking dvds? Just wondering.

1. widescreen
2. get rid of warner bros packaging
3. most desired movies

back to the future trilogy
indiana jones trilogy
national lampoon's attack of the 5'2" women
police academy 2
robin hood men in tights
bill and ted's excellent adventure/bogus journey
hot shots/part deux
fritz the cat
beverly hills cop trilogy
trading places
almost heroes
black sheep--(with chris farley/david spade)
Ducktales: Treasure of the Lost Lamp
return of jafar
cabin boy

4. most desired tv shows (airdate order, full seasons)

married with children
unhappily ever after
son of the beach
get smart
mama's family
fresh prince of bel air
andy dick show
super adventure team
golden girls
darkwing duck
rocko's modern life
ren and stimpy
3rd rock from the sun
earthworm jim
the young ones

for my complete list:

Yeah where are the iron chef DVDs? Wouldnt it be cool to click an ingredient & this little mini profile would pop up on the screen? Like click on a bowl of soba & Iron chef Kenichi would appear & say, This is abura soba, called oil noodles, Chairman Kagas favorite midday snack.
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1 - Yeah, I'm pleased with them. I like them, I own some of them, and I plan to buy them in the future. I have no plans to buy VHS tapes, unless a DVD counterpart is not available. It is, for me, the only way to own a movie right now, in most cases.

2 - Letterbox...though I do see the value in pan & scan.

3 - The thing I would like is for the DVDs to be removed easily. Unbreakable, for example, is an awesome DVD, but it's so hard to get it out of the case. I once cracked a computer game CD of mine because I tried to pull it out, and the little circle-thingy in the middle "held on" too tight. I'm scared to deat that I'll do the same thing to a DVD if I'm not careful, and DVDs like Unbreakable and X-Men are a pain...I've got to take them out very slowly to make sure they don't crack or something.

4 - Titles, eh? Well, I'd say Seinfeld, The Simpsons (above all...I'm gonna buy every single one they release), the Indiana Jones DVDs, the Back to the Future DVDs, etc...though those last two I might not get if they're completely lacking in special features.

That all?

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1- yep

2- widescreen

3- get rid of the snap-case, cheapo's!

4- Mr. Bean SE, all the mr. bean seasons released fully! I'd wanna see the same thing they did with "the simpsons" done with "seinfeld." I guess more box sets but not too expensive.

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I agree, I have never liked the way Warner packages their movies. Especially if the button that holds the disc in is broken, at work that is a b**** to replace. I kinda like seeing docu's on movies that are based on a true story or whatever. I enjoy Widescreen, and find that it's the best way to go. Most of the movies I want on DVD have already been listed.

I get a kick out of some features that kinda mess with you're head. Like on Galaxy Quest, the button that takes you back so far. I forget, but it took me forever to figure that out.

I'd like to see more of the classics on DVD. I think thats all for now. I'll ask some other people around the workplace and see what they wanna see.
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Great suggestions one and all.

The Warner Brothers cases are something that we've been working on for over a year. My team and I are presenting three new case ideas, similiar in style to Fox and Buena Vista/Disney, but with specialized clasps that will not break AND that are easy to access. We'll also be offering up ideas for better packaging for sets. Don't know about anyone else, but the individual cardboard cases for the Superman Collection p****d me off. It's a great collection not to mention expensive, but the packaging cheapened it for me. *Sigh* Oh well. LOL. I'll get off my soapbox now. LOL. I try, both here and at work, to not go off into tantrums about my opinions for DVD. lol. Sorry.

Anyhoo, keep the ideas coming. Thanks so much.

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I agree with everything Sun said.
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WIDE SCREEN, please!!! I DESPISE pan&scan. It's a bastardization of the director's vision, not to mention ugly to look at.

I want Robert Altman's McCabe & Mrs. Miller on DVD more than anything!!! Also Wings of Desire, Ikiru, The Conformist, The Long Goodbye, Crumb, Throne of Blood, Silence of the Lambs that's NOT PAN&SCAN (I missed on the Criterion version, and the new SE isn't in widescreen ), The Fury, Re Animator, and Jackie Brown.

TWT, you should just keep them in a little CD booklet,,,,the plastic's probably bad for the discs in the first place anyway.

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The cases for those movies we designed look pretty spiffy. Anyone seen them yet? All I can remember is Nottin' Hill and Meet Mr Black and Patch Adams. Those cases are cool lookin'. Unfortunatley I don't own any so I can't tell if I like 'em. I might buy Notting Hill for a friend, it's a good movie. I can't buy it for myself. If I had a girl picture in my collection something bad would happen. I might start painting my toenails or something. Lol.

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I asked some coworkers and they said that maybe they should give the viewer the option on the disc. Not so much as having it two sided, but in the menu like they did on Snatch, Go, Men In Black. Thats just about it.

Sun - They are very nice. I have one problem with em...its hard to keep the little book that comes with em inside. I got Patch Adams so the book will fall out from time to time, but nothing I can't deal with. Nice Job on em!!!

Hey Laurie, do you talk to the folks at Criterion? I've got a few of their DVDs, and let me tell you they are terrific. Anyway, I was really hoping you could put in a word about a McCabe & Mrs Miller Criterion DVD, and a Conformist one as well.

Laurie, do you know how the HANNIBal DVD is doing sale-wise compared to Gladiator? Jest curious. ID like HANNIBAL to be the best sellin DVD of all TIME!!!

Steve - Criterion DVDs are incredible. I deal with them constantly. They gave me a two month heads up when they pulled Silence of the Lanbs of the shelves. I'll pass along your request and see what we can do.

Pigsnie - Hannibal hit shelves on Tuesday. I know the nationwide pre-orders exceeded all other DVDs, but the grand total for the week won't be in until Sunday. Should be close with Gladiator and Sixth Sense though.

thank you Miss Laurie, Ill we waitin on SUnday for your DVD sales report!!!

First off - Pigsnie - Hannibal is running a close second to Gladiator in both rental and purchase. MGM has said that they are surprised that it didn't take the top spot, but they feel that the rumors regarding the possibility of an Ultimate Edition next year may have hurt their sales a little. The rumors are false though...no UE in site.

Chris - Unfortunately most of the stuff covered in our meeting I can't talk about. Warner Brothers took our suggestions on modifying their cases, but they showed us some sales information that makes me think they have no intention of changing the cases at this time or in the near future.

We dealt alot with the new Superbit DVDs that Columbia/TriStar are issuing and the new Infinifilms from New Line, but I really can't say more than this.

I gave all the execs the info that y'all gave me for your opinions as consumers. Each and every person was extremely alert to your suggestions. They also mentioned that they knew of the Universal Ultimate Editions that this forum helped create. Plus, the Warner Brothers exec told me that Fox execs mentioned me and this site for giving them ideas for the future box set releases of The Simpsons. In fact, I have a meeting with the Fox people at the end of this week in regards to the Simpsons, X-Files, Buffy, MASH, and WKRP impending set releases.

I really wish I could give out more info, but 95% of it is directly in association with Sony/Warner Brothers and the DVD Forum...so I'm legally bound to keep a lid on it...sorry.

I'll let you know how the Fox meeting goes this week and thanks to all for the suggestions.

Speaking of WKRP, one of the ushers at the Paramount Theater in Austin looked just like Mr. Carlson (Gordon Jump) from WKRP. Everytime I saw him seating someone else, I quoted a line from that show (usually "I could've sworn turkeys could fly"). My friend that was with me didn't think it was nearly as funny as I did.

At any rate, glad that suggestions from MoFo carry some weight. It's nice when companies listen to their customers. (I still can't imagine what kind of market data Warners has that shows people want their crummy cases. Oh well, people can use statistics to show anything - 14% of people know that).

I'm just dying waiting for that stupid Buffy: Season One disc. I actually got excited when I saw "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" listed on a release sheet I saw, but it was just that movie with Luke Perry and Kristy Swanson, and I went back to being disappointed again.

Thanks for the infoo about Hannibal, LaurieL. Ridley sure is cleanin up with his DVDs. I bet SOTL is selling strong too.