Italian old movie


Made this account just for this question hope anyone can answer it.
Some years ago I saw half of a movie with my brother it could be from the 70's or 80's about an italian couple the plot was that the man turned socialist and tried to improve the peoples life and something happened and the woman didnt like her man to be socialist or something.
The only scene that I can truly remember was of an old woman that arrived the little village with his retarded 20 years old ¿son? that could only say "Its good, Its good" (I think thats what he said I didnt watch it in english, in spanish he said "Es buena es buena")
The movie reminds me a lot of Novecento.

I will ask my brother if he remembers anything if this isnt enough.

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Could be “ Miḿ metallurgico ferito nell'onore” but I do not remember the son

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So the movie is set in Italy? And probably made in the 70s or 80s?

What period is it set in? Is it set in the 70s/80s or in some period of Italian history?

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