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I just quit my job.
I feel very relieved internally, but sense everyone outside me (former co-workers, family, etc.) hating me for abandonimg ship as it were and making their horrible jobs ever more difficult, envious, or viewing me as an impulsive malcontent who is too lazy or can never fit in or go along.

The bizarre thing is I'm a very tolerant person, very compassionate (in real life anyway), very hard working, yet I always seem to find myself in extremely aberrant working situations that could scarcely be believed if I were to recite all the details. And I always ask, is it just my perception of the situation? (which I don't think a lot of people do - always look to themselves, their attitudes or behaviors as the most likely source of their problems.)

Yet when I tell other people about what's happening to me, they can't believe it - which tells me these things are not just regular or common situations that most everyone has to deal with in their work lives. This isn't just with the recent situation, but seems a pattern for my entire life (and it's not like I'm just negative, because I can acknowledge the several good jobs I've had, exceptional bosses I've had, well-run companies to work for and wonderful co-workers I've met among the apparent desperate psychotic people I seem to attract.)
I'm facing a 50% chance of job loss at the end of next month. The company's going to try and place me somehwere else as I'm someone they want to keep. If that isn't feasible, they'll have to buy me out of my contract and off I go job hunting, a process I hate.

But. It's a posisitve this shop is being shut down. It's a toxic environment, and I often get stupidly loyal to jobs, even ****ty ones, so I would have wasted more years in this particular spot if fate didn't step in.

And I did ask...

So I'll find out soon if I stay with this company but in another location, or, I take the opportunity to go do something completely different.

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I've deleted A TON of stuff. All my movie reviews, all my shouts (and I was, like, the #2 shouter), tons of other stuff. I probably have more deleted posts than anyone else.
There used to be a very strange woman at (Actually, she turned out to be a man.) He would drive us nuts by constantly deleting posts from a thread. Which left huge gaps in the thread & rendered the entire thread useless. When we finally asked him why he did this he said he wanted to save bandwidth. Even when we asked him to stop, he continued. Most bizarre person.
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