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Marvel’s The Eternals


This might just do nobody any good.
I thought that there was already a thread for this but I couldn’t find one in the search. Merge request, if necessary.

Anyways, Marvel’s next event outing is THE ETERNALS, based on Jack Kirby’s mid-70’s series about an ancient race of super-powered beings living among normal humans. The Eternals were created millions of years ago as a result of genetic tampering from The Celestial* (seen in Guardians of the Galaxy.) They are locked in an eternal (sorry) battle with The Deviants, other, less amiable results of Prometheus-esque ancient genetic ****ery.

The film is reportedly eyeing an August shooting start date. Chloe Zhao, director of the very good 2017 indie darling The Rider (and a Malick’s The New World super fan, so y’know she’s cool) has been attached to the project since late last year.

WARNING: spoilers below
The Celestials are all about that genetic tampering and Thanos is actually a Deviant himself, so... I guess now we know what the post-credits scene in Endgame is going to be.

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This might just do nobody any good.
Two more things, one is trivial, the other is possibly another spoiler...

The Eternals were created by Jack Kirby as a direct result of leaving his New Gods saga unfinished over at DC Comics. They both deal with two warring groups of mythical beings and both fulfill Kirby’s desire to create an new pantheon of gods, so to speak.

His Eternals run was also left unfinished at Marvel.

I bring this up because Ava DuVernay is developing a New Gods movie at Warner Bros. concurrently to this project. Both films have been said to focus on Romeo and Juliet styled romances as a way to ground their respective properties’ dense mythologies and both are currently expected to release in 2020/21.

I just find that kind of interesting.

WARNING: spoilers below
The ancient genetic experimentations at the center of The Eternals’ story are also the root of mutations in the Marvel universe... so I guess we know what this movie’s post-credits scene is going to be.

Honestly, even as a big comic book fan this does NOTHING for me. The source material is "C" level at best and the characters mundane and often rather goofy. I loved Sersi on the Avengers, however.

With X-Men and FF coming back in the fold, this seems like a waste of budget funds to me.

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X-Men is seriously played out at this point (they have not one but two finished X-Men movies that keep getting delayed) and Fantastic Four has had four bad movies in a row attached to the brand, so I don't blame them for going a different route.
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