Blumhouse has lost it


Anybody else think they're the new Michael Bay?

Do you mean they're the new Platinum Dunes or the new filmmaker himself?

Welcome to the human race...
I don't compare individual filmmakers to entire studios.
Iro is to reviews as Kubrick is to films.

I'm still a fan of them, personally. They still produce some quality horror films and several of them are among my favorite films of their respective years. As for Michael Bay, I don't think it's fair to compare one filmmaker to a studio whose films are made by multiple filmmakers all with different directorial styles, but I'd be curious to hear why you believe that's the case.

I guess I would say "No" since they released the excellent The Invisible Man just this year and what they movie might have been in the wrong hands versus what it actually was in the right ones.
I see there's some ****ty-looking stuff on their plate too, but if you have a very good film on your plate also just this year, I can't say you've "lost it" yet.