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Hello everyone, i want to discuss generally about "mystery movie" genre. I'm looking for someone who've ever have listened "old time radio shows" and those people know that it had specific characteristic, for exemple, narrating in first person, which adds different view in storytelling, atmospheric music and so one. (Lights out, arche oboler, suspence) and many other are those shows which were able to show those narratives in quite mysterious way. So do you have some paralel to make those radio shows with movies which might be similar with those, maybe in some ways. One example i think MIGHT be alfred Hitchcocks movies, (vertigo, rear window) so what can you suggest Bayside of that. There might be some maybe low budget movies which are might not well known.
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I'm not exactly sure what you're asking, Nika, but as a kid I listened to several radio dramas: Inner Sanctum, The Shadow, The Lone Ranger, Fibber McGee & Molly, and several others. Sadly, with the advent of television, by the mid 1950s most radio dramas gradually disappeared.

I have in recent years gotten CDs of some of the old shows, and it's fun to sit there listening and using your imagination without pictures. Some of the sound effects guys were first rate. What you imagine is probably better than what they would show with images.

It's definitely a lost art, which we'll never have again. I've heard that there are some radio shows still available in some markets live, but I've never investigated it.