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Is David Fincher among the all-time greats?


I don't know about "all-time greats", but he's certainly one of my favorites, if not my favorite current director.
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I simply like Fincher better.

Godard has too many masterpieces under his belt.

You do realize it's your "type" which made me groan and come to avoid these forums, (for the most part), right?

The incessant: "Is "x" (insert film, director, actor, etc.) better/worse than "x"?" Or the "Hear ye I have an opinion. Prove thee wrong."

No thank you. Not interested.

If you've got something to add to the intellectual bucket, by all means, add and drink therefrom... but if you're just going to piss and shout, take and take, and not add a damn thing. Why waste mine, others, or most importantly, YOUR valuable time.

Food for thought, did my service by adding to the intellectual bucket called "" What say you? Once again, said my piece and my bit, I'm sure you're going to get as frosted as corn flakes but don't care too much outside of this post. Argue and debate, yell and scream, throw a fit, but remember, just because you're on your parents computer and your 28 doesn't necessarily make you an adult yet.


Contribute something worthwhile.

You see this Thread by @StuSmallz? Here's a user actually trying at his posts and is actually furthering the language/conversation on these forums.
Aw, thanks for the shout-out, DSM; I'm extremely flattered to see that my posts here have made a positive impression on you. And as for your criticism of Ezrangel here, I'm inclined to agree; just saying the online equivalent of "nuh-uh" is the death of good discussion, and I have no interest in seeing this or any other forum turn into a knee-jerk argument clinic: