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Hey Chris, I noticed when I came on to the site that there were something like 24 visitors in the forums, same thing the day before when there were about 14...

Looks like your site's getting a whole lot of hits from somewhere
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Most of our traffic comes from - the owner (Misja, I believe) was an early visitor here and was kind enough to place a "Discuss MOVIENAME on" on each movie's information page.

See for yourself (it's not on the FilmBug domain for whatever reason - seems like there are several "copies" of the site on 4 or 5 domains):

Most of the rest comes from, or, sometimes, The third most comes from my and Jim's (jamesglewisf) signatures on various other boards and such, as well as his link from

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LOL Now I realise what's going on I think it's very cool of him too!

Related to this, I also noticed there are about 50 users with 0 posts, and almost 100 with less than 5... I guess that's what happens with some visitors

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Don't forget the unbelievably good contributions of one hit a year, which is probably from me anyway.
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That's the nature of online forums - most forums have something like one out of every 10 registered users actually become something resembling regulars - the ratio is even worse as the site grows.

I thought you'd all like that. I've got tons of other funny quotes - I ought to post them here or something. Everytime I see a funny quote I save it in a text file.

In Soviet America, you sue MPAA!
I did the same thing, then one day accidently deleted the file, so I kinda stopped. There was a time when I would write little quotes on money. Just little Peterisms.

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I too had a link at the bottom of our movie review pages exactly like FilmBug. ( I don't think it generated much traffic to the forums though, as the site is fairly new). Anyhow as the site started to grow, I ran into the problem where it was hard to remove the links if I wanted to. (that's why links to this forum have been removed).

I'm studying up on SSI's to combat this in the future, otherwise the links would still be there.

Chris was a great help to me in the beginning and I appreciate that.
Bob Messinger

SSI is pretty simple - email me if you like and I can probably help you out. The REAL power lies in languages like PHP in conjunction with a MySQL backend - now THAT's power and flexibility over a site!

Thanks for the links quite a bit - I still have your banner available and it should be up on the new site when it launches for a bit.

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Thanks man..The problem I'm having with SSI (well not a problem really), but I have to change all my pages over to .shtml in order to use it. I hate to think how that will mess me up in the search engines for awhile. It is something I deffinately want to persue though. I am looking into learning how to do a database-driven site using php and MySQL, I just need to find the time to read up on it.

Thanks for running my banner again..since you brought it up I have made some new ones since then that I think are better if you want to use them..they can be found at . I would be more than happy to include a banner for the forums in my rotation at either or if you have one.

Sorry to keep this going in your feedback forum. If you want to contact me via email that would be fine.

No problem - I don't mind the posts here.

I can help you out with the PHP/MySQL aspect of things a bit if you need me to - I can probably point you to some tutorials or answer any questions you might have.

Oh, and if you have access to .htaccess on your site, you might not have to change your files to end in .shtml. There should be a line you can insert into that file to parse .html files as .shtml files.

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Sorry it took so long to get back here. I just wanted to thank you for the offer. I will keep you in mind.

Oh, and if you have access to .htaccess on your site, you might not have to change your files to end in .shtml. There should be a line you can insert into that file to parse .html files as .shtml files.
hmmmmm...I think that would be great! Before we started talking about this, I contacted Thinkhost and asked them if I had to change to .shtml and they said yes..I did tell them I was new to SSI, so maybe they thought it was too advanced to give me alternatives..Dunno

Anyhow thanks for the offers and the discussion, it was a big help.

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I found a site that looks UNBELIEVABLY too good to be true,

I'm thinking of registering an address, but there must be some sort of catch!!

I would not register a domain name through a webhost - it could become sticky if you decide to switch hosts.

Anyway, you know who I recommend:, the one who hosts this site! If you wanna check em out, just click on one of the blue banners in the header of every page...they're great!

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You're probably right Chris, but i assume the "Free New Domain Registration" would actually be covered by the $50 set up fee!

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Originally posted by TWTCommish
You use ThinkHost? Me too. Like I said, just fire off an email my way if you want any assistance!
Yep, I'm with Thinkhost. I started visiting Sitepoint around the time that they were pretty popular there..You know the deal, so I won't say anything more than that . Anyhow, I have no complaints.

Thanks again,

Oh, I see - gotta love SitePoint. Only place I post at more often than MovieForums.

Zeph: feel free to let me know if you want any help with your site.