Looking for a psychological movie about facing suicide


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Hello everyone !

I'm struggling to remember the title of this not very famous movie... I think it was a spanish movie ?(though I am highly uncertain about that.)

If I remember well, it's about a girl who is struggling with her depression for various reasons : she feels like her father is negligent towards her (I think there is something about an abandoned house that she likes to go to, but her father is planning to get rid of it with his job ?...), and also she doesn't feel right at school (I remember that scene towards the end where she tells her teacher that she doesn't want to stay in the class, and so she tells her a line from a poem she though of and the teacher lets her go or something ?...)

And so the main plot is that we see her committing suicide by jumping off the window and landing on a glass panel, but then she finds herself in a dark place where a kind of anti-suicide team comes to get her and tells her they will have to go through a journey to get her out of her depression and escape from committing suicide or something.
I remember that she is kinda chased by the "suicided" version of herself who has pieces of shattered glass in her face, and I especially remember a scene where she is confronting herself in a kind of corridor arena where she has to give reasons to live, while the suicide version of herself is denigrating herself...

Also, I THINK the movie begins with a boy committing suicide by drowning himself in a bathtub, but maybe this is from an other movie that I'm associating with the one I'm looking for...

So yeah, I feel like there are several elements that I remember, but I still could not find it anywhere. I know it's not a famous movie at all, and I hope that I'm not getting two different movies mixed up in y mind...

Please help me find the name of that movie, I spent so much time looking for it

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Thank you, I hope so as well ^^