‘The Skin of the Wolf’ (‘Bajo la piel de lobo’)

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This Spanish foreign film has very few subtitles because there is little dialog. It is one of those movies that invites the audience to drop deeper and merge with a deeper meaning left for the audience to deduce. Perhaps easier to ascertain through a second viewing. It portrays an abandonded mountain pueblo with one of it's many survivalist caretaker who has assumed an austere and almost spiritual connection to it (as if he might be confused as a monk).
It has a lethargic pace but it can generally be tolerated by the stellar Cinematography and acting (the casting too). The tone of the movie also has noticeable constancy that has a folk tale resonance beneath the realism.
However, what really shines about this movie is how director features the abandonded pueblo as a character. It is so brilliant that even Movie Critics might miss it. It clearly has this theme; (*spoiler alert*) note: the capital letter signifies the protagonist. Nature vs. nature (the Pueblo) > Nature (Pueblo) vs. man > man vs. Man (the main charecter), nature (Pueblo) vs. Man (main characters) > nature vs. Nature (the man merging with Nature within him, in the pueblo, in the Mountains..) Lol
When you reach the end and if you still do not connect with it's surface and underlying beauty compare this film against the 2018 U.S. released film Alpha. Perhaps less sophisticated but also diliberately mythic it's screenplay wrote it to be a parable rather than a story as well. Which then do you like better??
4 popcorns for it's originality and depth of meaning.

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