A Horror Anthology Movie I Watched Back In 1988....


That I totally forgot the name of. All I remember somewhat vaguely are the short stories from each one. It was similar to Creepshow or Trick or Treat.

1) The first story had this dude who was fishing at a lake. About a few minutes in, he notices an apple nearby. Taking the apple, he bites down on it, only for him to actually have bitten down on a hook, and is dragged into the lake. The next scene is of some water creature tossing another apple, laced with another hook where the original apple once stood.

2) This UPS type driver was really impatient to get to his next stop, but he was lost. He asked the locals for directions, but they noticed he was really impatient and rude. Eventually he gives up and has coffee with them when his truck seems to be going in circles. Towards the end, the town's population is shown to have increased by one person.

3) This creepy guy goes on a date with this one attractive woman. In a nutshell, he kills her, then dumps her body. At her funeral, no joke, he actually has sex with her corpse. No joke. Towards the end, a zombie like baby shows up. Only towards the end did he realize that he knocked up the dead woman and it is actually his child before it kills him.

Anyways, can anyone help me out on this? Thanks.

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I think the first one was a commercial break outro for Tales from the Darkside. I remember that scene pretty clearly, hooking the guy and dragging into the water. If not that, then take a look at HBO's Tales from the Crypt.