Help!!! With A Song In The Movie "Absolute Zero."


Hi. In the "global warming" movie, Absolute Zero, near the beginning of the movie, there is a song playing on a cassette player during the "global warming party." Does anyone out there happen to know the name of the song, the artist/group or hopefully both? I don't think it is any of the three songs listed on the soundtrack. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you for your time, Skip.

I was searching for the intro, but was only able to find the trailer. Do you remember the lyrics?

Hi. It sounds like a cross between the Pogues and Green Day. I can only get a few words of the lyrics. Did many searches on the sites that "claim" to get you a song title or group with just a few words/lyrics. But no success. The words I can make out are: ...don't worry, don't waste this moment of trouble, just.....
I can't get it out of my skull!! If I could tape the segment and upload it here I would do it.
Can I?

I have now video taped the segment of the movie with the song in question.
You will hear what I hear. C'mon people, strain that brain. I don't know how to
or if I even can upload it here or do I have to send it individually to a specific email.
Any help is appreciated. Skip.

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Did you ever think to look up the soundtrack to the film and listen to bits of each song?.... perhaps you can find it that way.

No. I don't have a YouTube account. There are only three songs on the "soundtrack." This song isn't one of them.