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Is white trash beautiful
I looked over while she was watching and I seen the scissor scene. Those Japanese really have no boundaries. OUCH!!!
Love Exposure dose have alot of disgusting violent scenes but it suits the film well,and its not a film about violence it is overall more of a romance.

I just wanted to mention what an amazing job actress Hikari Mitsushima did playing Yoko Ozawa.She played the part of a sexually confused young girl very well.The way she giggled like a school girl and the way she screamed and reacted to certain situations was amazing.Yoko Ozawa is an emotional girl and Hikari played that part so freaken well.Plus she is so cute.

Is white trash beautiful
Noriko's Dinner Table (Noriko no shokutaku) 2005 Shion Sono

Honestly I am not to sure what I think about Noriko's Dinner Table,One thing I do know is that this film really gave me the creeps.This film is more mentally creepy then it is gory.There is barely any blood and guts in this film but its just really odd.I am not a big fan of this film but I have to admit the story itself was very original, Shion Sono must have a huge twisted imagination.

This film is about a 17 year old girl named Noriko,Noriko is unhappy with her life and feels that there is so much more just waiting for her but she feels her parents are holding her back from becoming a women.Noriko joins a website for girls that are unsatisfied with there home life,on this website she meets a girl and decides to run away to meet this Kumiko.She leaves everybody even her younger sister Yuka.Noriko arrives in Tokyo and Kumiko Brainwashes her into believing she is a brand new person.She joins a "family circle program" and in this program Kumiko takes young girls that are unhappy with there lives and rents them out to people who do not have daughters or wives.Eventually Yuka joins this family circle program and these two sisters leave their family in turmoil and they have to suffer the consequences for their actions.Noriko is played by Kazue Fikiishi,Kumiko is played by Tsugumi and Yuka is played by Yuriko Yo****aka.I honestly had a hard time getting in to this film and it is 3 hours long but I did like the story and the one thing I did love about this film was it's dialog at times it felt very poetic.It was defiantly a mentally creepy film and very interesting.I am glad I watched Noriko's Dinner Table but I wasn't amazed by it.

Is white trash beautiful
Lost in Translation 2003 Sofia Coppola

I just watched Lost in Translation last night and I really liked it,I found it very entertaining.This really is a beautiful film.This is a film about relationships,the film is very real and delicate and it focuses on body language and unspoken desire.Bill Murray plays is Bob Harris an actor unfulfilled with life and in the middle of mid life crisis. Scarlett Johansson plays Charlotte a newly wed who feels abandoned by her husband.The film is shot beautifully in Japan.Bob is in Japan doing a whiskey commercials and Charlotte is there because of her husbands work.Both of the main characters are unhappy with their lives and they meet and the film is about there unlikely bond.

For me Bill defiantly stood out,his performance was amazing,he plays this depressed human being but he did it with such humor and charm.I absolutely loved him in this film.Scarlett did a well job to,I love the being shot of her bum and then the film title comes up,I thought that was pretty cool.All in all it was a good film.Its a simple story about to unhappy people who find some kind of happiness in each other that is not based on sex.

Is white trash beautiful
The African Queen 1951 John Huston

The African Queen is fine first world war adventure staring Katharine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart and is directed by the great John Huston. Bogart won an Oscar for his role as a unkempt steamboat skipper Charlie Allnut. Hepburn played a goody- good woman Rose sayer,and apparently she tryed to base her character on Eleanor Roosevelt.I did enjoy this film alot its a extravagant story of romance and adventure.The film is about Charlie and rose's adventure in a boat called the African Queen.They travel down a river in Africa trying to avoid the Germans,Rose convinces Charlie to go a certain way and to make torpedoes to fight the Germans.This film is all about Rose and Charlie's adventure along the river and their unlikely bond.Bogart was great in this film he defiantly gave a stand out performance. I like this film because its a good mix of romance and adventure,Me and Plainview enjoyed watching this one together,It is a good film to snuggle to.

Nice! I've actually got a copy of that from Netflix sitting at home right now, and should be watching it soon. Looking forward to it.

Is white trash beautiful
Nice! I've actually got a copy of that from Netflix sitting at home right now, and should be watching it soon. Looking forward to it.
Its a good film,I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Is white trash beautiful
It's a Wonderful Life 1946 Frank Capra

I remember watching bits and pieces of this film when I was a little girl and I decided it was finally time to watch It's a Wonderful Life and let me tell you this is a wonderful film.What is a amazing about this film is how well it holds up over time,It is one of those films that will never be forgotten no matter how many years pass by.The thing that I really love about this film is it's an uplifting story about a mans up and downs with life.I have decided when ever I feel frustrated or ungrateful with life that I'm going to throw on this film because their is alot of life lessons and good values in this film.

It's a Wonderful Life is a story about a man George Bailey played by James Stewart,Who wants to get out of his home town BedFord Falls and travel the world but instead he ends up taking over his fathers loan business because he feels obligated to.George ends up getting married to is high school sweet heart Mary played by Donna Reed and has alot of children.George feels like he hates how his life has ended up and a bunch of problems and business mistakes makes George contemplate suicide.In an unexpected turn and an angel ends up showing George what life would be like if George Bailey was never born.Honestly I just instantly fell in love with this story, Its one of those films that no matter who you are you can relate to something in this film.

The lesson in this film is fairly simple,Everybody has a role to play in this world and no matter who you are you are important.The acting in this film is very pleasant.James Stewart was wonderful and I really enjoyed Donna Reid's character Mary.I really loved everything about this film the direction,the score,the story,it was all really entertaining.I have to say this film is probably the best and most satisfying film I have watched recently and my favorite film in this thread so far.

Is white trash beautiful
So I have 3 kids that are the ages of 5,4,and 3 so needless to say I watch alot of cartoons with them,some of them of good and some of the animation they watch is just crap. Lately they have been watching alot of Disney films and here is two of my favorites that me my kids have watched together.

Peter Pan 1953
I think whats so wonderful about this film is the story,It just has such a magical feeling to it.When I was a little girl I remember after seeing Peter Pan all I wanted to do was stay a kid forever.This is a good cartoon for both boys and girls because its got everything in it ,Its got action,love,magic and faeries.The music score is fine but one of the songs is a little bit questionable " What makes the red man red" and their is a few sexist comment but really its harmless.If I had to describe this film in one word it would probably be Enchanting.

If I was a little girl I would probably rate it a

Beauty and the Beast 1991

Beauty and the Beast was my Absolute favorite film when I was a little girl and It makes me really happy that my kids (not so much the boy) love this film just as I did when I was younger.Beauty and the Beast is a delightful cartoon about a young girl that finds her self if in a odd situation where she has to live in a enchanted castle with a beast and ends up having feelings for the beast.This film is filled with emotion,beautiful music,amazing animation and characters that you can't help but fall in love with. I just watch the French version La Belle et La Bete and honestly I like the French version better but their is certain things that I like about the Disney version better. One of the things I like about the Disney version is how everything in the castle comes to life.My favorite character obviously is The candle stick Lumičre,He has got so much attitude he reminds me of my youngest daughter.Its just a really fun and exciting film to watch with your family.

Is white trash beautiful
Amelie(Le Fabuleux destin d'Amelie Poilain) 2001 Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Amelie is really a one of a kind,eccentric film that is guaranteed to raise your spirits.I have to say I have been really lucky to see such wonderful films lately and Amelie is defiantly one of those films.This film is jut so much fun from begging to end,It just bursts with love,joy and energy.Amelie is a rare film because its a romantic comedy that will make you laugh and fall in love all at the same time.

This film is about a young woman by the name of Amelie played by Audrey Tautou.Amelie feels disconnected from life and and she is sort of an odd girl which is because of a loveless childhood.An incident occurs where Amelie helps out another human being and then decides that she is meant to make other people feel good.On her journey of fulfilling other peoples happiness she falls in love with the one person that is right for her.I just have to point out an amazing job Tatou did playing Amelie,I could not take my eyes off her, She did a splendid job and is a beautiful actress.

This a film that is so original,so funny,and so heart warming its one of those films that will leave you smiling for hours.Amelie has a charming but hilarious script and is brought to life visually by director Jean-Pierre Jeunet.I am really happy that I watched this film and if you have not seen Amelie I highly suggest it.

I am really happy that I watched this film...
You're welcome.
"Don't be so gloomy. After all it's not that awful. Like the fella says, in Italy for 30 years under the Borgias they had warfare, terror, murder, and bloodshed, but they produced Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and the Renaissance. In Switzerland they had brotherly love - they had 500 years of democracy and peace, and what did that produce? The cuckoo clock."

Is white trash beautiful
I love Amelie and, if you ever get the chance to see it on the big screen, do. It looks magnificent.
Ya If I ever get the chance I will, I bet it was Magnifecnt.

Is white trash beautiful
Sophie's Choice 1982 directed by Alan J.Pakula

I had a pleasant experience watching Sophie's Choice for the first time,what a film I really enjoyed it.It got under my skin for a little while and it is a really emotional film because its so well imagined and casted perfectly.I defiantly teared up a little while I was watching it and i know it bugged Plainview quite a bit but I think that was the point of the film.Its a tragedy filled with romance,friendship and heartbreak.I also really loved the music score for this film,the music really suited all the scenes in the film.

Sophie's Choice is a film that follows three people and their struggles with life.Meryl Streep plays Sophie a woman who has pretty much lost everything in her life,Shes a survivor of a Nazi concentration camp and she is haunted and obsessed with everything that happened in her past.The film takes place in 1947 and there is a lot of flashbacks to the time where Sophie was incarcerated in the concentration camp.Sophie meets a man by the name of Nathan (Kevin Kline) Nathan is an American Jew obsessed with the Holocaust and he has a few secrets and he also has alot of personal struggles.Nathan and Sophie end up being an couple and they fit well together and they meet Stingo played by Peter MacNicol and all three of them become very good friends.Stingo is a writer and also the narrator of this film, he moves to Newyork and gets sucked into all of Sophie's and Nathan's drama. It really is just a beautiful story.

Its no secret that Meryl streep was absolutely amazing in this film and she also won an Oscar for her portrayal of Sophie but I just want to mention what an amazing job Kevin Kline did I was moved by his performance, He did a splendid job Playing Nathan who is really an odd character with alot of mood swings.My favorite part of the scene is probably when Sophie explains her experiences in the Concentration camps,As she tells the story all you can see is her face and then it flashes back to the time where she was at the camps,It was just beautiful the way she told her story.The Hardest part for me to watch was when Sophie did make her choice it was very heartbreaking scene.So ya I really liked this film alot but If your gonna watch it I highly suggest a big box of Kleenex and maybe If you have kids hug em before you watch it.

Is white trash beautiful
Thanks Ash,Ya defintaly he was amazing,his role as Nathan was very Impressive and at the end when you learn what he is hiding, It kind of all makes sense,And not to mention he is very cute in this film.

That film has temporally ruined my life. Well not really but that part in Auschwitz was horrible and I will not watch Sophie's Choice ever again. I guess I am just sensitive when it comes to children and violence. Its a father thing.

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i feel exactly the same way about any concentration camp movie anymore. i believe Sophie's Choice was the last one i ever saw, also. i just can't deal with them. maybe in my case it's a.... girl thing.