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I don't subscribe to anything, actually...but I've got a family member who subscribes to Forbes, and I tend to read that fairly regularly.

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I don't subscribe to any magazines, myself. My grandma used to subscribe to hundreds and she used to get Entertainment Weekly for me. Once, I subscribed to it. Now, I just don't care to, unless it has some pictures I want.

I also used to read Fangoria on a regular basis, but isn't it like $10 an issue now? Plus, there aren't really any good horror movies out anymore, so why bother? The last issue I saw had JASON X on the cover, and after seeing that movie.... eegghh.

I've been in the Weekly World News three times. It isn't really a magazine, it's a tabloid with fake articles. I'm sure you all know of it. I was in it.

"Fabricated American"
Cooks Illustrated
Bon Appetit
Outdoor Photography, but it ran out

*in best tough-guy voice*
Yeah, I like to cook. Wanna make something of it?

Puppets are people too.

Originally posted by Greg The Bunny
*in best tough-guy voice*
Yeah, I like to cook. Wanna make something of it?
Yes. Make me some chicken parmesan!

Now With Moveable Parts

S.C. ~ your humor is unmatched.

Now With Moveable Parts
Originally posted by Jason
Hey ~ I'm not S.C. anymore!

But thanks for the memories.
When I responded to that post, you were.

Now I know. Why the change?

S.C.'s too much of a character name, and it's limiting and it sounds ego driven. I wanted to break out of the mold and just be called by my real name - Jason - which is limitless to me.

Now With Moveable Parts
Well, good for you. Jason is a nice name. That avatar is not nice. Me no likey.

Why not? I love the blue and the fact that there's an ironic twist -- Mr. Jason Voorhees is chained up, thus limited to things.

Female assassin extraordinaire.
oh, that's the connection! i thought, oh, he's named jason. but i couldn't really make out the pic cuz it's foggy in there with the blue, didn't even realize that was THE jason or even that he was chained.

mary lo, don't mind the holden, just keep your eye on the goal. otherwise you'll get lost in the labyrinth and fall to your gloomy, confused, death. anyhooo ...



Biography - the only mag i ever read from cover to cover
Poets & Writers
Vanity Fair
InStyle - my celeb style/cheese replacement (see below)

I used to read:

Movieline/Premiere - but i'm not a hard core film freak or director or anything so i'm not regular about this.

Entertainment Weekly - they used to be good, then they betrayed me, so I stopped.

US/Weekly - They also used to be good, and I used them to replace EW, but then THEY went weekly, and then they turned sh|tty, so I stopped.

I also have two bins of old magazines that I haven't yet read, filled with old copies of ALL these mags. i used to sit down when i got a mag and read it, then take out all the pics i wanted. i've been told i have a good eye for this; i'd make photo books of them or strategically decorate my dorm room walls with them. however, in the past two years i never had any time. so i slowly phased out extra subscriptions. but i still don't have time to read mags so they keep accumulating ... in piles ... that i can't escape ...

life without movies is like cereal without milk. possible, but disgusting. but not nearly as bad as cereal with water. don't lie. I know you've done it.

if i could afford them and had the time, i would love subscriptions to a whole slew of art, graphics, interior design, ceramics, photography.......crafts too.

i subscribe to runners world, shape, self, instyle......and used to get movieline, us, newyorker, vanity fair, elle.

us went from monthly to weekly and the cost went from 15 to 52 bucks so i'm dumpin' it. thmilin and mary-lo are's gone to hell.

i like the fitness mags but they tend to rewrite the same stuff each issue-"how to get great abs in 8 weeks", "how to get bikini-ready in 6 weeks","the diet that isn't a diet", et. al.

my favorite mags have to be the art magazines and annuals/semi annuals. sighhhhhhhhhhh.
on dance seul, on dance seul.....

"Fabricated American"
Originally posted by Jason
Make me some chicken parmesan!
Would you like that country-fried, cajun-blackened, or perhaps Texas-BBQ-style?


"Fabricated American"
Good choice!
Cajun-blackened comming right up!


I'm not old, you're just 12.
Magazines....I'm such an illiterate. Does New X-Men count? My favorite magazine of all time is Punk, but they haven't put out a new issue in at least a year or so. I actually read Entertainment Weakly, which is kinda sad, and I occaisionally read Premeire, which is okay, except that I don't care too much about what celebrities are up to. I like to read about film-making, though. I also used to read Spin, which is mostly crap now, because music is mostly crap now, and Bob Guccione Jr. ran it way better than the people who run it now.
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Um Bungo! Um Bungo!
don't subscribe to any but coolest mag has to be...

Fortean Times

No other mag has the balls to publish such preposterous bollocks so convincingly

apart from private eye. Well that one's quite funky as well actually.
Another high quality post by Fez Wizardo

Biography - the only mag i ever read from cover to cover
Good choice! I love this magazine, but only get to see it at a friend's house. Biography (the show) rocks, too.

We used to read Maximum Rock-n-Roll and Punk Planet (actually, Troy'll still buy one every now and again), but those mags pissed me off after awhile. High and mighty, we-are-the-punk-rock-Bible bullcrap goin' on there.

And Jason--I love the new avatar. It's a pic from one of either of the two worst/best Friday the 13th's ever: Friday the 13th, VI--Jason Lives! (you know, the one where Tommy goes back to make sure Jason's really dead, and then--accidentally, o' course-- reawakens him) or Friday the 13th, VII--The New Blood (the one with the telekinetic chick). Both so great, so funny... but I'm not sure which one, exactly, the pic is from.

From Part VI:
"I'm sorry, my father can't come to the phone. He's in the can draining his lizard."
You were a demon and a lawyer? Wow. Insert joke here."

the only thing i subscribe to is JLA justice league of america. My parent get vanity fair, and a whole bunch of other. Oops! i forgot i also get rolling stone
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