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Leonardo Dicaprio as the Joker


Recently Warner Brothers announced they are making a one shot, Joker origin story movie with Scorsese producing. Word got out that they are courting Leonardo Dicaprio for the leading role. My question is whether or not you think He would be good for the role, or if Warner Bros. just wants him for his fame and notoriety. Also, do you actors being cast just because they are famous, rather then them being right for the role is an issue in modern Hollywood?

That elusive hide-and-seek cow is at it again
I think he could totally fill the role.

No more an issue than it's always been.

I think he could totally fill the role.

No more an issue than it's always been.
I remember when I heard about Ledger playing the Joker and all I could think was "the Brokeback Mountain guy?" and I couldn't figure out where they'd come up with these seemingly obscure casting choices.

In my opinion he would not fit, he would certainly be better than Leto, but from him probably everyone would be a better Joker

So I guess Dicaprio playing the serial killer HH Holmes and Scorsese directing is being put on hold then or never going to happen, I keep hoping I'll hear it's in production but I can't see Dicaprio playing both these roles, it would be enough to send anybody mad, it sounds as though Scorsese wants to make Leo as a dark character though.

When I read this title I didn't like the idea but as an origin story and Scorsese directing, that would be quite exciting, think I'd still prefer to see HH Holmes though

yes I do think actors being cast for their name and not their fit for the role is a problem.

This might just do nobody any good.
I'm kind of hoping Leo does Devil in the White City with Nolan directing (bring back those Prestige sensibilities in a darker story).

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