Make Your Picks

help me decide what to watch tonight !


Sorry for my bad English :p
so i saw a thread like this and i liked the idea

here is the list of the movies i have and i would like if you could rank it from best to worst :

nymphomaniac 2014
ran 1985
A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence 2014
amarcord 1973
come and see 1985
fitzcarraldo 1982
foreign correspondent 1940
the big sleep 1946
the guard 2011
the seventh seal 1957
the conversation 1974
timbuktu 2014

'Ran' is easily the best in my opinion. Very good film, especially if you like feudal set films or western style (cowboy that is, not societal).

Worst would be Nymphomaniac personally, film just didn't rub well with me. But there's also the fact that while some like it, the film borders on porn and has some what I found to be annoying cinematography. Regretted watching it, but each to their own I suppose.

fitzcarraldo 1982
the seventh seal 1957
I've only seen these two, but both are great. Fitzcarraldo is obviously on a much bigger scale and one of the best Herzog/Kinski films.

The Seventh Seal is surprisingly funny given the subject matter and I liked the humour when I saw the film as it wasn't what I was expecting. Max von Sydow's excellent too (I get the impression he's twice as good in Swedish), and his appearance in The Force Awakens seemed to me to echo his character in this film.

Sorry for my bad English :p
I'd say A Pigeon...dadada...existence but it's part of a trilogy so I don't know if you've seen the others
i didn't know that