Trying to identify a new sci/fi film about siblings with powers.


This is a new film, possibly not even released yet, which I have forgotten to save to my IMDB watchlist, and now can't remember what it is called.

I believe it is set on a remote farm in America, not necessarily in modern day, and there are two teen siblings, male and female, who seemingly have these strange powers which they try to keep hidden from their very domineering father. Events in their life mean that they have to start relying on their powers more and more.

Sorry it's vague, the trailer looked really good but right now my brain has gone to mush and this is all I can remember. Any ideas? Thanks.

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Could it be The Darkest Minds?
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Thanks WorldFilmGeek and Yoda. Unfortunately not that one. The one I'm thinking of is more low key, has got an almost indie feel to it. But thanks though.