Defective Jurassic Park DTS discs


Hi all,

A problem that has been going round and round with Universal finally has a solution. The Jurassic Park Special DTS Edition had a defective DTS track encoded on it that would not read the low frequency when played through a sub-woofer. Universal finally admitted that there was a problem and issued a press release this morning. The discs have already been redone and are on the market now. You can tell which is which by looking at the spine label on the top of the case. The corrected version will read Jurassic Park (WS)(DTS). Also the disc itself will read PEMC-D2R2. The earlier defective release reads either PEMC-D2R0 or PEMC-D2R1. Universal has issued a phone number to call to exchange the defective disc with the corrected audio. The number is 972-293-5903.

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