Battlefield Earth is one giant easter egg


Or at least it seems that way. It took me longer to go through all the eggs than it did to watch the movie. This disc has more eggs on it than any other disc I've seen. It's kind of a shame to waste such awesome stuff on such a horrid movie, but it might actually help the sales out. Here they are:

From the disc's main menu go to the Special Features. Then press the 'right' arrow key on the remote control to highlight the spaceship. Press 'Enter' and you will get to see some footage featuring make-up tests.

On the second page of Special Features do the same thing and highlight the Pyramid. This lets you watch even more behind-the-scenes footage.

If you highlight the hidden elements in the Cast & Crew section you get to see a stunt test clip, and in the Languages menu you can access another stunt test clip.

Another clip can be found in the scene selections on the disc. Go to the Scenes Selections for chapter 7 - 12 and scroll through all of the chapters until you highlight a hidden Psychlo image. Press 'Enter' to bring up another scene.

The best egg is in the commentary track on the disc. If you watch the film with the audio commentary on, occasionally a Psychlo letter will appear on the screen. Selecting it will access some behind-the-scenes footage of that particular scene. All these clips from the commentary can also be accessed with the remote control. Just go directly to titles 19 - 32 and you'll get these same clips.

That's far. This thing could be a bottomless pit of eggs.
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