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The Predator (2018)

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The Predator (2018). What a disappointing, misguided, and jumbled movie. I love the Predator movies and the character himself, but I found this film to just be not all that great. The story didn't flow well, nor did any of the scenes really. They all just kind of had the same sequence of events. Go to a new location, dialogue happens, some unnecessary jokes are cracked, a predator shows up, a fight happens, the predator runs away, and repeat until the end of the movie. The best scene was probably in the beginning of the movie in the lab where the first predator was being studied and Casey Bracket (played by Olivia Munn) was trying to escape the room but the door to leave wouldn't open until she decontaminated. This scene was the most suspenseful in the movie just simply due to the fact that the predator is getting closer and closer to Casey, and she has nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide so she just has to sit in the decontamination shower with her clothes off and hope for the best. Overall this movie wasn't great, and it feels like an action-comedy which isn't a good thing. Anyway I give The Predator a 4/10

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