Disturbing movies. My #1. Yours?


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For me it's the 1932 movie, Freaks.

To me it was sad and shocking beyond measure. I've read that when it was released, it so disturbed people, that it wasn't shown until midnight in most theaters. It also ruined the career of one of the movie makers. Not sure if it was a director or producer.

I'm not sure why the movie shocked more people than the actual circus did. Can't quite figure that one out.

What they called "freaks", were people with birth defects or diseases which weren't curable at the time, and often resulted in premature death. The movie used their suffering and misfortune to make money, just as they did when using them in the circus.

But fortunately enough for them, the actors at least had a source of income, or at least food and shelter at a time when our government would let them die on the vine or institutionalize them. Another small plus for them was their cohesiveness and ability to bond with others sharing the same fate.

And these poor souls lived as they did, while so many of us are utterly guilty of our failure to recognize how petty our everyday complaints can be.

I'd kill for the lost 90-minute cut, which is ironically part of the reason that I didn't see it yet.

Requiem for a Dream was one of the movies I voted for in the top 100. I'm likely never gonna watch it again because of the ending, but I'm impressed at it's adult take on the old anti-drug agenda.

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I can't recall a seriously disturbing movie I've watched. I watched that Serbian thing, and it just seemed like an attempt to be totally messed up. The human centipede was twisted humor, and did have a few good laughs, like the time the Japanese dude is apologizing because he needs to take a dump.

Maybe the most disturbing was Jaws which did and does cause me to worry about swimming in the ocean. I love swimming in the ocean, but once I get out into seriously deep water, I start hearing that music.... dun dun dun dun dun dun... and I start swimming back to shore.

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The Skin I Live In is pretty disturbing. A Serbian film I had to have a few shots of rum to get through.

Where do you pick up these pearls of wisdom?

Dumplings (2004)
I have a strong stomach and over the years I’ve seen many disturbing films. However this one made me feel physically sick.

Here’s looking at you, kid.
Now, to consider something “disturbing”, the person considering would actually have to be disturbed by a film? But didn’t feel much.

I’ve seen some pretty disturbing videos, at least what others claim to be disturbing. Honestly, some of David Firths YouTube videos disturb me more than the movies I’ve seen.

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I just saw Looking for Mr. Goodbar, it was quite disturbing.

Antichrist for sure. Couldn't even finish it

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Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer

I like Rooker, so I made time to watch it. A bit disturbing.
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Exorcist 3
insidious chapter 1
the entity

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Disturbing is not a mark of quality. Snuff films are disturbing. LiveLeak videos are disturbing. If you're going to "slime" me in your art, you'd better have a reason.

"Oh yeah, but have you seen a Serbian Film? I was able to watch the whole thing!" is not an interesting conversation to have. This is on a par with stupid internet challenges like inhaling cinnamon or eating crackers without water.

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I guess the easy answer for me would be The Act of Seeing with One's Own Eyes since its just autopsy footage (its also great somehow) but I think the only narrative film that left me feeling on-edge at all was Audition, though I don't think it holds nearly as much power on subsequent watches. I guess an honourable mention to a couple individual icky scenes: 1. the razor wire room in Suspiria and 2. the hand cutting scene in Suicide Club.