Nausicaa: DVD & Blu-Ray Collection


Latest additions:

Daisies - Region 2(Britain)

Sanitarium(2013) - Region 2(Britain) - Straight to DVD Horror with slipcover

Hick - Region 2(Britain) - with slipcover

The Intouchables - Region A(America)

Badlands - Region A(America) - Criterion Collection Blu-ray edition

Psych - Region 2, 4 & 5(Britain) - Series 1

Three more today:

Batman Returns - Region Free(Britain) - Steelbook edition. Finally have all my favourite Batman films on Blu-ray.

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn - Region B(Britain) - Deluxe Edition with slipcover, Artcards and Poster

Henry's Crime - Region B(Britain) - Normally I wouldn't have gone near this with Keanu Reeves in a lead 'drama' role but it has one of my favourite actresses in, Vera Farmiga, so decided to take a chance as it was cheap.

^ Not a fan of the Nolan versions? can't remember your views on the Nolan Batman films.

My latest haul:

Veronica Mars(Series 1) - Region 1(America) - Unrated with extended and unaired scenes. Never seen this programme so looking forwards to it. The box arrived in a tatty condition unfortunately(I like perfection when buying new) but it was so cheap I'm managing to ignore it.

Terminator - Region Free(France) - Digibook Collector's Edition with DVD. Now I have just got Terminator 2 to get on Blu-ray. There is a gorgeous edition from South Korea that I'd love but it's out of stock at the moment and a bit too expensive for my liking.

Thursday - Region Free(Germany) - All I know about this film is the notorious 'rape' scene that people mention but looking forwards to the film.

Passion - Region B(France) - This remake is available in France to buy at the moment if you want to see it earlier than usual. Some places it's not out until November. Well worth the look especially if you are a Brian De Palma fan.

Stolen Lives - Region B(Germany)

Rites of Spring - Region B(Germany) - Uncut edition of the film

The Incident - Region B(France)

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus - Region B(France) - with slipcover and choice of 4 artwork amaray box covers

The Holding - Region 2(France) - I'm a fan of Kierston Wareing and yet to see this British psychological thriller.

Hollow Man - Region Free(Germany) - Director's cut edition. Last time I saw this film was when it was released in cinemas and can remember liking it somewhat, so looking forwards to the director's cut version and I adore Elisabeth Shue so that's a bonus, trying to get most films she has been in for my collection.

Australia - Region B(France) - Digibook collector's edition with DVD

Coriolanus - Region B(Germany) - A rather good modern day based adaptation of the Shakespeare play, the film uses the actual language from the play.

Blue Steel - Region B(France)

Alps - Region 2(Britain) - From the director of Dogtooth

The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia - Region B(France) - with slipcover

In The Electric Mist - Region B(France) - This film isn't uncut here in Britain and the best edition of the film on Blu-ray is this one from France - it's uncut(think an extra 10 minutes or so is cut out of the other versions) and has the best picture and sound apparently. Also comes with a slipcover.

^ Not a fan of the Nolan versions? can't remember your views on the Nolan Batman films.
Not a fan of super heroes. I like Batman campy and Batman Returns edges towards that without being as dull as Batman Forever or whatever Batman & Robin is.

For me, it's harder to take Batman seriously than it is James Bond, who I only really care for in the guise of Roger Moore.

^ Ah, fair enough. I love the serious tone of the later Batman films but adore Tim Burton's gothic version the most and it had the best Catwoman ever so far. But don't mention Batman & Robin in my topic again! naughty.

That Terminator Blu-ray looks quality
Yep, looking forwards to seeing it, last time I saw Terminator was on television when I younger and it wasn't very good quality.

Blu-rays and DVDs I got over the last week or so:

Blackadder: The Complete Collection - Region 2 & 4(Britain) - Never seen the series so thought I'd try it when I found the whole complete series collection, first release box set as there is a new one out from a year or so ago, in a second hand shop for £12, it's in perfect condition like it's brand new.

I also found the following in the same second hand entertainment shop on Blu-ray for only £12 too, perfect condition. Finally get to watch it:

Girls - Region B(Britain) - with slipcover

Static - Region 2(Britain) - with slipcover. Didn't know anything about this film until I saw it in the shops, looks an interesting horror/thriller.

A Field in England - Region 2(Britain) - First saw this film when it was shown on television on Film4 here in Britain, it was played the same time as the retail and cinema release also. I liked it enough to want to own it.

Maniac - Region Free(Britain) - yet to see the original film but not particulary bothered about seeing it.

Twelve Monkeys - Region Free(Britain) - in limited edition slipcover and artcards that can be used as the front cover. I've got it on DVD from America but couldn't resist the upgrade edition packaging that HMV are doing at the moment.

The Sopranos(series 1) - Region 2(Britain) - 4 Disc Collector's edition digipak with slipcover.

Yep, I've never seen the series and since James Gandolfini died people have been going on at me when I say I've never seen it, so I decided to see what all the fuss is about. I don't know why I've never watched it actually because I like films and television to do with gangsters/mafia.

The Numbers Station - Region 2(Britain)

Exit - Region 2(Britain) - with slipcover - don't let the DVD cover fool you, it's not a full on action film like the cover suggests it is. Still a decent thriller though from Sweden.

Higher Ground - Region A(America) - Vera Farmiga's debut film as a director, she is also in the film. Doesn't seem to be out here yet in Britain so decided to get it from America. Bargin price of £10!

Some nice purchases there, The Sopranos is great and I hope you enjoy it That Twelve Monkeys Blu-ray looks great too, might take a look at that as it is a film I want to see, by the way where do you find most of your Blu-rays to buy?

I buy most of my blu-rays from Amazon(UK, USA, France and Germany are the ones I use). And on the high street I use HMV and the Supermarkets around me(Sainsburys/Tesco/Asda). For Criterion blu-rays I use mostly Barnes & Nobles when they do their 50% sales. I rarely buy second hand but when I do I shop in CEX.

The Sopranos is great and I hope you enjoy it
I hope so too.

Some good stuff there, Nausicaa.

The Soprano's, Girls, Blackadder and Twelve Monkeys are all good/great. I'd also like to see Maniac, too. I have seen the original and it's pretty nasty.

The Soprano's, Girls, Blackadder and Twelve Monkeys are all good/great.
I'm happy I found Girls, started to watch it last night and really really enjoying it. So was a good find.

As I said, I really liked it, but thought it fell apart a little towards the end of season 2. I'm still looking forward to Season 3, though.

Yep, looking forwards to series 2 and 3.

Some new additions:

The Returned - Region 2(Britain)- This is the film version of The Returned that the 2013 series Les Revenants/The Returned is based on. So be interesting to see where it all started.

Running Scared - Region B(Germany) - Uncut edition