Is it true that a lot of movies are only shot in 2K still?


I watching this video, where this man explains how so many movies are shot in 2k and then released on 4k.

But why is that? That seems so backwards to me. In the days of film Hollywood use to shoot on 35mm then release a movie on VHS. VHS doesn't look as good as 35mm and it makes sense, cause why would you want the home video medium to look better than what it was shot on. Now it's reversed it seems, and home video his just as high of a resolution as to what the movie was shot on nowadays, or higher.

Imagine if back in the 90s, instead of VHS, Hollywood decided to release the movies in videostores on 35mm for anyone to rent or buy for the same price as a VHS. That's what it's like nowadays with 4K. Unless I'm not seeing the forest for the trees?

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