Chappie doesn't like the real world
A Place You Would Go On Your Honeymoon


Hawaii-gbgoodies,JayDee, Mark F., Mistique, Tongo
Paris-Cici,Gunslinger, Camo
Las Vegas-Rauld, Cricket
Niagra Falls, Sexy, Seanc
Bed-Chypmunk, Citizen Rules

1st Place Mark F. 37 points
2nd Place Jaydee-35 points
3rd place Cricket- 33 points
4th place gunslinger- 29 points
5th place- Camo, Nope - 27 points

26 points-Sexy
23 points-Tongo
22 points- Mistique
21 points-gbgoodies
20 points-Seanc, Cici
14 points-Rules
11 points-Rauld
7 points-Chypmunk

Chappie doesn't like the real world
6. A Type of Dessert

Ice Cream

Ice cream-Cricket,JayDee,gbgoodies,Cici,Mark F, Nope, Tongo,Gunslinger
Pie, Seanc
Banana Split-Mistique
Knickerbocker Glory_Chypmunk

1st place-Mark F. 45 points
2nd place-Jaydee 43 Points
3rd place-Cricket-41 points
4th place-Gunslinger-37 points
5th place- nope-35 points

31 points-Camo, Tongo
30 points-Sexy
29 points gbgoodies
28 points- Cici
23 points- Mistique
21 points-Seanc
18 points- Rules
15 points-Rauld
8 points- Chypmunck

I even get the honeymoon question wrong. And I went to Hawaii for my own.

But please tell me I will get the top pick with Batman on the next one.

Chappie doesn't like the real world
5. A Superhero


Batman-Camo,JayDee,Rauld, Cricket, Guns, gbgoodies,Sexy, Seanc, Nope
Superman-Cici,Mark F., Rules, Mistique,Tongo

1st Place-JayDee-52points
2nd Place-Mark F. Cricket-50 Points
3rd place-Gunslinger-46 points
4th place-Nope-44 points
5th place-Camo-40 points

39 points-Sexy
38 points-gbgoodies
36 points-Tongo
33 points-Cici
30 points-Seanc
28 points-Mistique
24 points-Rauld
23 points-Citizen Rules
9 points -Chypmunk

Chappie doesn't like the real world
4. A Breed of Dog


Labrador-Cricket, Cici, Seanc, Mark F. Camo
Golden Retriever- JayDee,Rauld, Nope, Mistique
German Shepherd- Gunslinger, Tongo

1st place-JayDee-56 points
2nd place-Mark. f, Cricket-55 points
3rd place-Gunslinger,Nope-48 points
4th place-Camo-45 points
5th place-Sexy-40 points

39 points-Gbgoodies
38 points-Tongo, Cici
35 points- Seanc
32 points Mistique
28 points Rauld
24 points Rules
10 points- Chypmunk

Mark is like the ultimate everyman. Hes always at the top on Sheep.

That sounds gross

Mark is like the ultimatye everyman. Hes always at the top on Sheep.

That sounds gross
Yeah Mark is the only one that has been top 5 every game. And he won or co won once.

Chappie doesn't like the real world
3. An Aquatic Mammal

Dolphin-Rauld,gbgoodies,Cici,Mark F,Tongo,Gunslinger,Camo
Whale-Cricket, Sexy, Nope,Seanc, Jaydee, Rules
Duck-Chypmunk-Aw, Chippy, I hope you're pretty.

1st place-62 points-Mark F., JayDee
2nd Place 61 points-Cricket
3rd place- 55 points-Gunslinger
4th place-54 points-Nope
5th Place-52 points-Camo

46 points-Sexy,Gbgoodies
45 points-Tongo,Cici
41 points-Seanc
35 points-Rauld
33 points- Mistique
30 points-Rules
11 points-Chypmunk