Can a ben affleck batman movie and man of steel 2 both happen?


Hey all just wanted to know with their being rumors out there that superman will cameo at the end of black adam, and their also being rumors that the man of steel sequel being greenlit and with ben affleck being in aqua man 2. Is it too much for me to hope that zaslav will allow henry cavill to come in and actually get a strong superman sequel done after so many years of waiting for it to happen and what if zaslav allowed ben affleck to do one i repeat the one batman film that he never got to do in the first place or do you think it's more likely that they will reboot the dceu batman with a new actor seeing as they can't use pattinsons dark knight in this universe. I know dc is a mess right now but zaslav says he is focusing dc around the holy trinity Superman, batman, and wonder woman so i think the only way to do that would be to do wonder woman 3, man of steel 2, and a ben affleck batman solo film. But what do you guys think is it possible that this is what zaslav has been planning all along not talking about restoring the snyderverse just talking about doing a couple of films that they didn't get a chance to do because of outside issues and other things except wonder woman that one is already happening and in development.

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For all we know, he'll shelve the whole thing if Black Adam under-performs.
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.
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