Oscars to allow streaming movies


"The organizers of the Oscars on Thursday moved the date of the 2022 ceremony to late March, a month later than originally planned, and said that films released on streaming services would again qualify for Academy Awards consideration."...


Really not interested in any online initiative.

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Really not interested in any online initiative.
More and more major movies will be made for streaming. Things are not going back to the way they used to be.
ANd Ludditism never works.

Streaming is something to big for Hollywood to fight.

Probably does not matter much in reality, Just means that the streaming services, if they have an Oscar contender, will no longer just have to open it in a theater in late December in New York and L.A> to qualify it.

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it would be good if they allow to stream emmys and any awards around the globe any subscriptions cause some dont have all of them
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