Scream 5?


ᱬWanda Maximoff-Scarlet WitchᱬElizabeth Olesnᱬ
What are you trying to say? I haven't seen this movie, and I'm not gonna read the article for potential spoilers.
nevermind it wasnt halloween kills . the latest one was halloween ends not kills sorry my bad

Scream (2022) main characters ranked:
1. Sam Carpenter (by Melissa Barrera)
2. Amber Freeman (by Mikey Madison)
3. Mindy Meeks-Martin (by Jasmin Savoy Brown)
4. Chad Meeks-Martin (by Mason Gooding)
5. McKenzie (by Sonia Ammar)
6. Dewey Riley (by David Arquette)
7. Wes Hicks (by Dylan Minnette)
8. Tara Carpenter (by Jenna Ortega)
9. Richie Kirsch (by Jack Quaid)
10. Sheriff Judy Hicks (by Marley Shelton)
11. Gale Weathers (by Courteney Cox)
12. Sidney Prescott (by Neve Campbell)

Scream 6 officially on the way for a release next year. That's fast.

Some fans I met at Dunkin share my opinion that it's going to be a meta-commentary on the "spin-off." Probably gonna be a couple references to movies like Jason Takes Manhattan.

ᱬWanda Maximoff-Scarlet WitchᱬElizabeth Olesnᱬ
look like courtney cox and hayden panettiere coming back on scream 6 :/
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Best quote from Scream (2022):
"Wes Hicks: [suspecting Dewey as the killer] You got stabbed a billion times, got dumped by your famous wife, and crawled into a bottle. I think it's safe to say you're on the suspect list.

Dewey Riley: Well, maybe you're the killer. Because that cut deep."