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Since a few of you don't realize you can use the simple spoilers tag that TWT made available on the board, I started this thread so you can know what you can do with it.

Whenever you have something that will spoil the movie just use the following Tag:
[*spoilers=Your Movie] Your movie spoiler here [*/spoilers]
Since there I wanted you to see how it works I put the * in. To make full use out of the spoilers tag, remove the * so you get something like this:
WARNING: "The Sixth Sense" spoilers below
Bruce Willis is a ghost

Now, to see the spoiler, just highlight what is in the box.
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okay, lemmie try it.

WARNING: "the Score" spoilers below
the movie the Score was really lame, and i knew what was going to happen at the end. spoiled it for ya, didn't I?
BTW- I can't read thmmie's spoiler tag on the LOTR thread.

I ain't gettin' in no fryer!
Hey TWT, is there a way you can work the spoilers tag thing into the vB code little area, with the Bold, Italic, Underline, Size all that stuff? What do you think?

we should have a spoil the movie thread... twt would you allow it?
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I ain't gettin' in no fryer!
Where would the fun be in that. I mean it wouldn't be much of a thread where everyone could look at it. It would spoil at least one movie for someone.


WARNING: "See Spot Run" spoilers below
The butler did it!

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WARNING: "Boy's Don't Cry" spoilers below
blah blah blah

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what am I doing wrong?

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oh. Bummer. I wanted to respond to something about that movie. Guess I'll do it in a PM.

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okay. Thanks.

Let me try this....

WARNING: "Heather Graham Goes To An Erotic Grocery Store" spoilers below
Heather gets pushed naked in a shopping cart by a naked Jolly Green Giant. He brings her to the cereal aisle, where she has sex with three guys dressed as the Rice Krispies. A man dressed as Tony the Tiger then gets in on the action. Later, Mama Celeste gets in on the fun. That all ends when they are interrupted by contestants on Supermarket Sweep Shows Skin.


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WARNING: " Sexy Celebrity Goes To The Looney Bin" spoilers below
Sexy Celebrity, otherwise known as S.C. , was apprehended this afternoon, after authorities tracked his online movements to MoFo. He was handcuffed and thrown in the back of a padded van. He was addmitted to the Nut House in Napa, California. It is rumored that an upstanding member of MoFo, a sexy, little thing, known only as Sweetpea, A.K.A. Sades, A.K.A. Boop. will make continues visits to the new lunatic. Details at 11.

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crap! I missed the new Heather Graham movie!!

it sounds like academy material......
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Might as well try it here first so I don't screw up some future post

WARNING: "Titanic" spoilers below
It sinks
Ride Johnny ride