Recast your favorite movies


And speaking of Mr. Blonde...

British Reservoir Dogs (2002):

Mr. White: Liam Neeson

Mr. Orange: Christian Bale

Mr. Pink: Ewan McGregor

Mr. Blonde: Daniel Craig

Mr. Brown: Andrew Lincoln

Mr. Blue: Bernard Hill

Nice Guy Eddie: Nick Frost

Joe Cabot: Ian Holm

Holdaway: Adewale Akinnouye-Agbaje

"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

Die Hard 2 (1965):

John McClane: James Coburn

Holly Gennaro: Jean Simmons

Sgt. Al Powell: James Earl Jones

Colonel Stuart: Paul Newman

Major Grant: Woody Strode

Captain Carmine Lorenzo: Eli Wallach

Dick Thornburg: Jerry Stiller

Garber: Robert Vaughn

Trudeau: Lorne Greene

Travelling among unknown stars
For Montalban and Quinn, I felt they were not in the age range I had in mind for Silva, somewhere around Bond's age.
Yeah, although Javier Bardem's not far off 50 himself.

I had a version of Tom Hardy in a film version of Mad Max ever since I saw Fury Road and I had ideas for making a cast for Craig's Bond films with Dalton since Craig reminded a lot of people of Dalton.
He reminded me a lot of Dalton in Casino Royale, particularly the bit before the parkour scenes where Bond's getting annoyed with his contact.

A Fistful of Dollars

Joe: Tom Hardy

Marisol: Eva Green

Ramon Rojo: Oscar Isaac

Don Miguel Rojo: Edgar Ramirez

Silvanito: Danny Trejo

Esteban Rojo: Wilmer Valderrama

Chico: Dave Bautista

For A Few Dollars More (2016)

Manco: Tom Hardy

Colonel Douglas Mortimer: Jim Cavaziel

El Indio: Oscar Isaac

Nino: Dave Bautista

Groggy: Enver Gjokaj

Juan Wild: Corey Stoll

Young Woman: Emilia Clarke

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (2016)

Blondie: Tom Hardy

Tuco Ramirez: Benicio del Toro

Angel Eyes: Jim Cavaziel

Corporal Wallace: Dave Bautista

Father Pablo Ramirez: Enver Gjokaj

Jessica Jones (1998)

Jessica Jones: Neve Campbell

Luke Cage: Ving Rhames

Patricia "Trish" Walker: Reese Witherspoon

Will Simpson: Daniel Craig

Hope Schlottman: Claire Danes

Jeri Hogarth: Frances McDormand

with Viola Davis as Claire Temple

and Sean Bean as Kilgrave

Legend (1993)

Reginald Kray/Ronald Kray: Gary Oldman

Francis Shea: Emily Watson

Leonard "Nipper" Read: Alan Rickman (R.I.P.)

Leslie Payne: John Hurt

Edward "Mad Teddy" Smith: David Tennant

Angelo Bruno: Robert de Niro

Charlie Richardson: Anthony Andrews

Frankie Shea: David Thewlis

Mrs. Shea: Lynn Redgrave

Albert Donoghue: Hugh Laurie

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (2016)

Quasimodo: Rupert Grint

Esmeralda: Chloe Bennett

Judge Claude Frollo: Mark Strong

Phoebus: Chris Hemsworth

Clopin: Sasha Baron Cohen

Archdeacon: Geoffrey Rush

Hugo: Seth Rogen

Victor: Jeremy Irons

Laverne: Julie Walters

I'm going to do each Harry Potter one post at a time in order for a laugh.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone:

Harry Potter - Logan Lerman
Ron Weasley - Tom Holland with his hair dyed ginger
Hermione Granger - Julia Joyce with her hair made curly as opposed to straight
Albus Dumbledore - Michael Gambon (technically cheating but he wasn't Dumbledore in PS)
Hagrid - David Schofield
Severus Snape - Benedict Cumberbatch
Professor McGonnagal - Diana Rigg
Professor Quirrell - David Warner
Vernon Dursley - Albert Weller
Pertunia Dursley - Helena Bonham Carter
Dudley Dursley - Tom Felton

Frozen (1984):

Princess Anna: Jennifer Jason Leigh

Queen Elsa: Daryl Hannah

Kristoff: Michael Biehn

Olaf: Warwick Davis, Dan Akroyd(voice)

Prince Hans: Kenneth Branaugh

Duke of Weselton: Ronald Lacey

Grand Pabbie: Christopher Lee

Big Hero 6: (1985):

Hiro: Jonathan ke Quan

Baymax: Anthony Daniels

Gogo: Michelle Yeoh

Wasabi: Laurence Fishbourne

Fred: Rob Lowe

Honey Lemon: Kelly Preston

Callaghan: Paul Newman

Alastair Krei: Robert Redford

Heathcliff: Jeremy Brett

White House Down (1984):

John Cale: Tom Berenger

President James Sawyer: Morgan Freeman

Special Agent Carol Finerty: Meryl Streep

Emil Stenz: Harrison Ford

Special Agent Martin Walker: James Coburn

Emily Cale: Jennifer Connelly

Skip Tyler: James Woods

Carl Killick: Randy Savage

Motts: Colm Meaney

Vice President Alvin Hammond: Mitchell Ryan

Speaker of the House Eli Raphaelson: Leonard Nimoy

Donnie: Kevin Spacey

Grosse Pointe Blank (2011):

Martin Q. Blank: Joseph Gordon Levitt

Debi Newberry: Anna Paquin

Grocer: Jason Lee

Paul: Topher Grace

Marcella: Evangeline Lilly

Felix LaPoubelle: Georges St. Pierre

with J.K. Simmons as Dr. Oatman

and Bryan Cranston as Mr. Newberry

Blank's sidearms: Beretta 92FS

Lethal Weapon 2 (1969)

Martin Riggs: Jack Nicholson

Roger Murtaugh: Sidney Poitier

Rika: Hayley Mills

Leo Getz: Ian Holm

Arjen Rudd: Bernard Lee

Pieter Vorstedt: Robert Shaw

Dracula (2006)

Jonathan Harker: Tom Hardy

Mina Murray: Emily Blunt

Dr. John Seward: Cillian Murphy

Count Dracula: Richard Armitage

Lord Arthur Holmwood: Orlando Bloom

Quincey Morris: Bradley Cooper

Lucy Westenra: Charity Wakefield

Renfield: Alfred Molina

And Jeremy Irons as Professor Abraham Van Helsing

The Lost World: Jurassic Park (2016)

Dr. Ian Malcolm: James Franco

Dr. Sarah Harding: Abbie Cornish

Roland Tembo: Daniel Craig

Peter Ludlow: Burn Gorman

Nick Van Owen: Chris Pine

Eddie Carr: Giovanni Ribisi

Ajay Sidhu: Anupam Kher

Kelly Curtis-Malcolm: Quvenzhane Wallis

Dieter Stark: Alexander Skarsgard

Dr. Robert Burke: T.J. Miller

Carter: Diego Luna

And Harrison Ford as John Hammond

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets:

Arthur Weasley: Damian Lewis
Molly Weasley: Reba McEntire
Tom Riddle: Thomas Law
Gilderoy Lockhart: Simon Pegg
Lucius Malfoy: Alan Rickman
Moaning Myrtle: Catlin Blackwood
Ginny: Lucy Carless

Travelling among unknown stars
Dracula (2006)

Jonathan Harker: Tom Hardy

Mina Murray: Emily Blunt

Dr. John Seward: Cillian Murphy

Count Dracula: Richard Armitage

Lord Arthur Holmwood: Orlando Bloom

Quincey Morris: Bradley Cooper

Lucy Westenra: Charity Wakefield

Renfield: Alfred Molina

And Jeremy Irons as Professor Abraham Van Helsing
All good choices I think. I don't know Charity Wakefield. Alfred Molina as Renfield is very astute.

Dracula (2016)

Jonathan Harker: Nicholas Hoult

Mina Murray: Daisy Ridley

Dr. John Seward: Ben Whishaw

Count Dracula: Tom Hardy

Lord Arthur Holmwood: Tom Felton

Quincey Morris: Armie Hammer

Lucy Westenra: Lily James

Renfield: Tim Roth

And David Thewlis as Professor Abraham Van Helsing

Kingsman: The Secret Service (1997)

Gary "Eggsy" Unwin: Christian Bale

Harry Hart/Galahad: Jeremy Irons

Richmond Valentine: Morgan Freeman

Roxy/Lancelot: Kelly MacDonald

Chester King/Arthur: Christopher Lee

Merlin: Alan Rickman (will shave head for role)

Charlie: Jonny Lee Miller

James/Lancelot: Sean Bean

Dean: Ray Winstone

Professor James Arnold: Jack Nicholson

I don't know who to cast as Gazelle.