The MoFo pre-1930 Countdown: preliminary thread

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Even I could manage to get a list in. The disappointment is great with these ones...
They aren't here anymore. At least Camo and Sean. Idk about Swan.

50 is solid! I'm glad to hear there are that many movies on the list.

A BIG THANKS to Chyp for making this happen. I'm so glad he championed this countdown idea and made sure we had a Silent Era countdown.

Oh and I'm really looking forward to the countdown too

Think you used enough dynamite there, Butch?
didn't know Sexy was a big fan of the Silent Era, that is awesome!
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Ok, the grace period for late lists is now up so no more will be accepted.

Still need to hear from @Nope1172 as his list requires clarification, hopefully he'll be on in the next few days otherwise I'm afraid I'll have no option but to DQ his list (something I'd rather avoid if possible in a timely manner). If you see this Nope - please clear down your Inbox a little and shoot me a PM so we can get to resolving your list and include it in the countdown.

The turnout was decent, thanks again to all who contributed, and whilst we sadly couldn't quite make it to a Top 75 (we made it to the high 60s) we do have a solid Top 50 that I shall begin unveiling some time next week.
I cleared my inbox
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I cleared my inbox
Just tried to PM you and still getting this:
Nope1172 has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space.
I'll outline the problems here but for obvious reasons I cannot go into detail unless in private so hopefully just an overview of the issues I have might be enough for you to resolve them and send me a corrected list via PM.

a). I need a year for your #7 as there are two possibilities for that title - a 1916 hour-long feature and a short from 1925, as the short has no ratings and scant detail I'm pretty sure you mean the feature but obviously I need you to confirm/clarify.

b). You appear to have the same film for both your #8 and #9, the only difference being one has a couple of letters transposed - guessing you were probably changing your mind on the order and forgot to overtype one of them - obviously I'll need you to clarify both films for me please.

Pre-1930 Countdown

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Pleased to say Nope has now provided clarification on all counts and his list is now also locked and loaded in the spreadsheet