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Hi all,

I am looking for a second movie, this time a fantastic one.

Various groups are sent on a search for an artifact. I think it was a sword. There is one scene I can remember quite clear: A group of riders is stopped by some kind of lizardmen coming out of the ground in front of them where they have been hiding in the middle of the path.
Another scene plays in some sort of cave with fog on the ground.

That is all I can remember. The movie is from the 70s, 80s or very early 90s.

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Do you mean the one with the Giant where they try to enter this fortress of the "dark queen"?

At least this one isn't it...

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It sounds somewhat like The Magic Sword, but that is early sixties.
It reminds me of a toilet paper on the trees
- Paula

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Yeah, but OP wasn't sure it was a sword they were looking for. But its got stuff like that, cave, fog. and weird stuff.

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I had a look at The Magic Sword, but this is not the correct one. It is definitely not like Sindbad. I think the movie wasn't that old.

The most obvious scene I have in my mind are those weird lizardmen that suddenly come out of the ground and stop the group. I think it was something like a competition to get this magic sword or artifact.

I can't recall if the following movies had any lizardmen, but they do have something to do with finding a sword.

Beastmaster (or any of the sequels)
Conan the Destroyer
Hawk the Slayer

Maybe if you describe what the lead characters outfits look like, might help us a bit more.

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Alas, none of those three. Though thank you for bringing Hawk back to my mind. I remember having seen that one as well

Unbelievable, it bugs me so much to find those two movies....

But no, I cannot tell you much more about the main characters outfit, though I think it was more in the direction of an adventurer or even prince and not that of a babarian like Conan.

But it was typical for those lizard-/beastmen to come out of the ground, I think.

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Where are they from again? Look familiar

Is it one of the Hercules films?
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Hello again,

Yes, I am sure that it is not Krull. They more look like Lizardmen and they have swords, not projectile weapons.

And no, no Hercules movie. It was an independent movie without any reference to famous heroes.

I can't recall any additional information

Quirk, you say "a group of riders is stopped etc", so I gather this group are riding horses in an ancient time period? Could your movie be "Excalibur" from 1981. I haven't seen it, and it certainly doesn't appeal to me, but it does have a magical sword and is along the lines you describe.

Or you could be getting really mixed up and it's in fact:

The Fantastic Planet

It's got fog(well poisonous gas), lizard like creatures coming out of the ground and other places, caves(well inside trees), from the early 70s... but um an Animation.

Long stab in the dark.

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The Warrior and the Sorceress (1984) - I doubt if this is what you are looking for but there are lizard type men and a lot of weird lizard snake type things in this movie. Oh yeah and it's got a four breasted girl stripping in one scene, that's 1 better than Total Recall.

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Conquest (1983) - does not have lizard men but has more like beast men that come up out of the grass along with regular soldiers in one scene. Oh yeah and there's lots of fog and caves in this movie.

Also Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger (1977) has lizard like demons (not sure what they are) that come up out of the fire, or summoned out of the fire, something like that.