The MoFo Personal Pictures Thread


Now With Moveable Parts where's your picture?(silver b.)

I ain't gettin' in no fryer!
At least you're not the Jay to his Silent Bob. Sorry...if anyone got that I apologize.
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lol, you crezzy kids!

don't worry, when i'm rich I'll:

1) rent the biggest, nicest movie theater complex in the US

-they'll show reels in each theater according to what we want to watch - if there are 20 theaters, 20 different films! a DAY! for DAYS!
-it'll be one to 4 weeks of movie watching
-our own relive it/new movies/indies/etc Film Festival!!! the Mofo Film Festival, huyeah! they'll televise us, just watch.
-each state will be flown in (may be coach, depends on how rich i am) and driven in a limo humvee to meet the rest of us at the grandest hotel nearby
-the hotel shall include: hot tubs, saunas, spas for everyone (most especially the ladies) lots of chocolates on the pillows, balconies, great views (none of that view of a brick wall business), and free mini bars for everyone! no free porn channels tho. you should be watching movies - not THOSE kind!
-we'll have nutty dinners every day, free continental breakfast buffet ... kids, i will keep you well fed and carefree so all you have to think about is movies!
- i may even give y'all shopping money! $1000 each!

hehe. if there are millions of Mofo members though, that won't happen. perhaps a "date of registration" limitation. or, top 25 posters of movie content, though apparently i'm slacking off there. hmm, maybe top 100 ...

2) The MoFo Cruise. Hmmmm ... month long trip around the bahamas and caribbean ... hitting the coast of Latin America ... floating around Alaska ... that might not be enough time. there will have to be a huge theater on the ship so we can screen movies - there will be fresh popcorn baby! maybe even celebrities. this will be how they get cozy with us fans and we can all have fun. by then, of course, several of us will BE celebrities. swimming pool ... all the food you want. again, lotsa stuff to keep us occupied so we can forget our daily lives and just BE movie lovers! oh ... happy happy, joy joy!!

what is this checkers business? i like cards. or scrabble. word games, obviously, nyuck nyuck. uno!!!

Originally posted by patti
when thmilin is famous and rolling in green, she's gonna remember all of us and send us tickets for a MoFo reunion cruise..........if we haven't managed one yet by the grace of T's massive profit margin once his site hits the bigtime.....lets see, Holden will be a famous sought after author and make a long fantasy story short.....whomever makes it big sure to send us all tickets for luxury accomodations on a chartered Mo Fo cruise.....okay? okay? now everybody be sure to treat everybody nicely so we don't piss off any potential celebrity in our midst!!

and toose, i've heard what kind of candy you like......gasp.....did i say that?
This little snippet hath not escaped my attention Patti my dear. It makes me wonder if someone should get a spanking.

Toose, i just finished PMing you...BUT i had'nt yet seen the above post......i am sitting here laughing, holding my hand over my mouth...... laughing......sugar baby syrup trying to escape through the corners of my guffawing mouth......
as you know, i have to avoid any spanking situations myself so any "compartment syndrome" bruising will be noticeable........but i'm not the one who's getting the spankin' warning, am i? oh, oh, she'll be giggling in anticipationi IF know my sistah!
on dance seul, on dance seul.....

I am of a mood to dole punishment this evening. I am considering administering to both of you for the crime of collusion sore @ss or not

don't be thinkin' your punishment wouldn't go unrewarded!..............wait......whaat? heh heh heh

I ain't gettin' in no fryer!

Maybe we should present an idea to Fox here. MoFo Cruise: Extra Buttery. You never know, they greenlight anything these days.

Now With Moveable Parts
Spud- that's actually a really good idea!(the MoFo Cruise)

Toose- you're all bark and no bite I'm afraid...

patti- now see what you did? I'm gonna have to kiss some @ss...

sades............your welcome? nah, sorry .......t'was a fun gamey mood and.....Toose has been kind, i shouldn't have unleashed myself on him........i was hoping you would be loggin on sades.......i had so much time for the forum this weekend (eves) and nobody was around much.

spud, ".....they greenlight everything these days" haahahahahaha, i think you're right.

I ain't gettin' in no fryer!
Temptation Island 1 & 2, Boot Camp, Love Cruise, Who Wants to Marry A Multi-Millionaire, etc.

I mean all crazy excuses for shows, so of course it's true.

Now With Moveable Parts
So we'll combine all those shows, and we have to shack up, on an island, with a mismatched, totally wrong for us, MoFo member. Then we have to vote each other off the island...the ones who get voted off, have to move into a house together, and stop being nice and start being REAL.

Too bad some guys are gonna have to shack-up with each other, because there's just not enough girls to go around....not that I'm complaining!

Now With Moveable Parts
Face it. I scare you, period.

Now With Moveable Parts
Pff...potatos are so timid.

Is anyone else gonna post some pictures? Shesh!

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Is there some reason why this thread is in the Site Feedback section as opposed to the Intermission Forum?

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